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yeah i agree generally with all your points, but even with kevin love's defense and his being the third wheel he's still top 20 in plus minus (cavs are like 6 points better when he's on the floor)

yes bulls to finals is not a sure thing, bulls past cavs is not a sure thing but definitely quite possible maybe even probable. still rooting for hawks
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Smith taking out Crowder was f'g hilarious.
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^that it was

olynyk gets a 1-game suspension (lol a reg season game).

jr gets 2 games.

love out for at least the entire bulls round.
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seriously? guy dislocates a player's shoulder and all he gets is a one game regular season suspension?
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It's cause he white foo.gif
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mike conley out for weeks


warriors at least going to conference finals. clippers spurs or rockets?
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Fuuuuuuuu!!! Last Memph game I watched, he seemed fine. :\

Oh, well. Enter Udrih
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playoff beno

Have you reached out to Kevin?

I didn’t have a chance. I tried to contact a few people I know close to him just to say that, just to apologize for an unfortunate event. Obviously I would never intentionally hurt him or any player on the floor. I don’t think anybody in our league would intentionally try and hurt someone, especially at this time of year. But I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to him. It’s super unfortunate. It’s terrible the way it happened. But, you know, it’s a part of basketball. Everyone gets tangled up and stuff. Unfortunately it happened. You’re always locked up, grabbing, pulling. It’s just unfortunate it happened.

Do you hope to talk to him soon?

If the time is right and if someone thinks it’s appropriate, I’d love to obviously apologize to him for the misfortune and let him know it’s definitely not my intent, at all. Just wish him well and hopefully he has a very speedy recovery and can come back and help that team win.

Have you realized how much backlash there’s been over the play?

I’d probably get killed if I went to Cleveland right now... Like I said before, it’s kind of ridiculous to say you intentionally meant to. I’d never intentionally hurt someone, him or anybody else for that matter. I don’t think anybody goes out trying to hurt anyone.

typical canadian
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Hahahaha dude's gotta be trollin at this point
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we also get playoff wittman. seems like a totally different coach
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Diehard Grizz fan checking in. I know there are a lot of GSW fans on SF, I am looking forward to a good series. If not for the Grizz, I am pulling for the Warrior this year. I am just hoping we can get Conley back in time for the series. He is a trooper, which gives me hope. He will play through it if it is at all possible.

Regardless, looking forward to watching some good basketball.

Unstoppable force meets immovable object kind of dichotomy.
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Vintage D-Will came to play tonight.  He's got 33 points.  This crossover on DeMarre Carroll was just filthy.




This game is going to OT in Brooklyn, by the way.


EDIT: Ok, how are the lowly Nets giving Atlanta so much trouble?  The Hawks are not looking like championship contenders right now...

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Originally Posted by diadem View Post

Vintage D-Will came to play tonight.  He's got 33 points.  This crossover on DeMarre Carroll was just filthy.

Yes it's amazing… good for him he actually remembers how to play basketball. That's $100M well spent for sure.
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wow what the fuck nets
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Hey so I finally saw MCW play in a game that actually mattered. Bucks won the game but MCW must be the shakiest PG for a playoff team this year. Guy seems like he's got some skills but it's clear that he has no idea what he's doing out there
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