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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post
Fucking awesome game.
Artest scared me when he stole that ball cuz did is turnover prone when he dribbles but damn almost wet my pants when I saw him dunk that shit.

Lakers Fucking Lakers Baby!!!!

Any lakers fan with any experience had the same thought on that is he gonna fck this one up??

I was watching the game with my dad and we both looked at each other with the same reaction:

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that's happened a couple of times lately. ron-ron driving and ... well, not dunking, who could have expected that? but also dfish taking the ball to the hole one-on-two or something and actually scoring. hope they don't burn out all their good luck early.
almost croaked on lamar's foul. one of those plays that 2/10 of a second earlier, or if he'd wrapped him up so he couldn't get his arms up, brilliant play since they had a foul to give. but as it worked out ...
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inimitable ron-ron:
"I kind of knew what the outcome was going to be, so I was relaxed" Artest maintained. "We talked about it." "I knew what was going to happen so I was just out there skating." "When the Black Mamba [Bryant] wants to put his mind to do something, he hits big shots. He was animated and he inspired us. He trusted us when it most counted. He trusted us in that last overtime."
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Lakers vs Bulls in the finals: Road to 3peat vs a Rising Legend's road to Greatness
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that would be a helluva series. it'll be interesting to see with the Bulls. they're a great team and playing great ball. playoffs are another thing, though. have they got the stuff to go up against great times 7 games in a row and still pull it out? i certainly hope so, if only because that will mean that neither detested boston nor miami did.
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Originally Posted by sexandcandy View Post
nailbiter game.

in other news, my fantasy team just imploded. i'm down 10-0 lol

I'm down 7-1 too.

What is the breakdown with the prizes btw? We have 10 people that paid right? Last count was 9 iirc.
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another thought on last night ... i wonder how much of that was due to bynum being out? their pick and roll defense just totally went to sh*t. gortat started looking like stoudemire. of course, with nash running it, i probably would ... well, hell no i wouldn't, but you get the point. but given a big man defending the rim, i wonder whether the suns would have been so succesful.
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I think the Lakers got a bit lazy in the end, they had a 21 point lead and they let it slip. I was proven wrong via stats but just by watching the Lakers, the 3 just seems like their biggest problem. Every time they lose, it's usually the 3's that kills them. Like that game against the Suns where they buried like 30 3's or something like that, then when they lost to Miami with Bibby draining crucial 3's. Then last night, the same deal, wid open 3's and they always scramble and running around. I know stats say they are one of the best 3pt defender but when watching the game, it just doesn't seem that way.
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I'll admit that the Suns are not a good team and do not deserve to be in the playoffs. Even when the Suns are 100% healthy, they still cannot beat elite teams without their key players.

Channing Frye is living up to his new contract, thankfully. Gortat has been outstanding and will be a key player for long-haul. Carter is expiring (team option) and doubtful he will be resigned with us. Suns just need to find a way to ship Childress or Pietrus. Dudley will help fill in when Hill leaves.

Suns will need to get a defensive minded pass-first PG to replace Nash. Obviously dreaming about Chris Paul in a Suns uni, but that has a .0001% chance of happening.
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yeah, but they've got spunk! i really liked how they kept battling back. honestly, it felt hte whole way like the lakers were in complete control. and then BOOM suns are right back in it.
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everything timed right for now...bynum gets his rest , we took care of the two games without him, will play at home against clippers on friday, and hopefully denver and portland will switch seeding so that okc and portland can duke it out. denver can play well against denver so that would be ideal.
hopefully nyc will gain some and go to 6th seed in time to match up with miami.
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Originally Posted by sho'nuff View Post
denver can play well against denver so that would be ideal.

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My prediction of the top 4 teams making it to the finals: Lakers, Bulls, Celtics, Dallas
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

dallas i meant.
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kobe's shooting form is so nice. steve nash is also amazing.
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