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Blah blah blah. Shut the fuck up! You are too stupid to even get the fucking joke that's been going on the past few years in this thread because you are an illiterate troll.

Go back to the troll hole you came from for gods sake. Aint no one mad here, you aren't trying to get under my skin but I am going to tell you off if you're going to come like a dumb little bitch like you usually do.

Whats next, act like the fucking victim again? What, try to predict a gif posted by someone or a sarcastic remark as your dumb ass defense mechanism?

Still mad Kobe brutalized your ass in Denver?
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Ignoring all these none sense, Memphis v Chicago is a good game.

Bosh supposed to be good to return next season.

And Rose shooting on court already, hoping to still return this season.
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oof, Hassan needs to calm the fuck down. i didn't see the game, so i don't know what the context for that was. but i think he's going to get suspended. blindside elbow to the back of the neck...

that chick he elbowed is pretty ugly though.
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He is wasting his opportunity though if he keeps getting into fights like this. Could it be the reason dude wasn't getting picked up by teams? Didn't sound like much to set him off.
Upset over a non-call on one of his drives, Whiteside didn't get back on defense and Bass was able to get a dunk because the lane was rather wide open. And then Whiteside made it worse, coming back the other way and delivering a two-hand shove into Olynyk's back, sending him flying.

What's up with the Johnson rook in Miami Hroi? Heard dude scored 24pts the other night and the broadcasters were saying Heat found gold but looking at his stats he seems like he just shows up once in a while.

The Brow with 43/10/6/2, future MVP. Dude just needs to consistently stay healthy though.
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Tyler Johnson? I have no fucking clue where he came out of. I actually thought his first name was Taylor up to about 5 seconds ago lol8[1].gif

I mean, no one drafted him and he doesn't blow you away. He leaves it all out on the floor, but that's what you expect from a d-leaguer who might have gotten his only opportunity to get called up. Yet he has two 20-point games. Go figure. Feels greedy to expect to have both him and Whiteside be crazy sleeper finds in the same season, but we'll see
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i feel like people are giving harden the mvp nod over curry because rockets are a worse team than golden state, but curry should get mvp. why penalize curry for playing on a better team? he's still irreplaceable. i also hate watching rockets so maybe a little biased

also cavs are doing well, but i feel bad for kevin love because he has so many more skills than just being a spot up shooter. i cry a little inside every time i see kevin love just standing around waiting for lebron or kyrie finish doing their spread pick and roll. he has a great post up game, he's fantastic as a pop man, pretty good as a roll man, he has great passing vision especially when double teamed, and he's a nightmare on a dribble handoff. also if he's on the perimeter he can't get rebounds not to mention cross court outlet passing. he's so versatile and cavs only use him as a spot up shooter. such a waste

deandre jordan is overrated as a defensive player. you look at better stats and he's just average as a rim protector. you look at clips play and deandre just doesn't make the right rotations a lot. i want draymond or gobert to win and i realize they're both probably not getting it over DJ.
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The commentators said something interesting when they played. Green is worthy but he is on a much better defending team, without him the team will still defend well. With Jordan, he is their anchor and without him, the Clips are screwed especially with Griffin out (actually even with Griffin in there too). You'd be surprised at the shot he changes, watch the last minutes of the Portland game that they almost won, Batum kept driving with what seem to be wide open and then he jump and passes the ball out, that was due to Jordans presence alone.

I also thought he doesn't rotate well but he just has to cover so much, I mean he is in there with Griffin (who seem to lost all defensive prowess from last year), Hawes (who is just as stiff as a board and whine more than Blake) and Big Baby (not much needs to be said).

You also have to factor in rebound because securing the defensive rebound ends the defensive stance, Jordan leads them in that.

In all honesty though, I only really read Doc saying Deandre is a clear cut dpoy and commentators putting their 2 cents when they are calling a Clips game. lol8[1].gif Googling it only results in Doc selling it really. Even Clip Nation site (3rd result) says he isn't DPOY good. Despite that, he is still Clips main defensive wall and without him, the team would be vying for the 7th or 8th spot.

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^ ^ ^

Clip Nation article is actually a good read and has Green and Ibaka winning it: http://www.clipsnation.com/2015/3/4/8136117/deandre-jordan-is-good-but-not-dpoy-good
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yeah i mean i love watching him play and he does make a big impact, but if you think DJ makes a big impact in the paint, watch the Jazz and see what happens in the paint with gobert there. he's a one man wall and jazz defense has been amazing since the trade. only like 1 team scored above 88

i dont like using rebounds as a way to measure defense cuz yeah it's important but i think what's more important than raw defensive rebounds is the percentage of contested defensive rebounds a player won. a lot of players rack up defensive rebound numbers that don't impact overall defense (*cough* kevin love)

DJ is an average rim protector playing on a league average defensive team and he can't close out anything beyond the paint. anthony davis, ibaka, and gobert are all really good rim protectors but they're also mobile enough to rotate and close out shooters. also clips are slightly better on defense without DJ. even if it's just noise I feel like DPOY should make a clear impact on defense

using SportsVU DJ actually saves 0 points per game and per 36 (http://nyloncalculus.com/stats/rim-protection/)

anyways watching warriors play draymond is the best do it all type defender since shawn marion. he can actually guard 1 through 5 and I don't understand how he does it being so undersized for a front court player. he just hustles so hard. fronting bigger centers and going for every possession. dude lives for stops. also watching draymond at center and warriors going super small ball is really fun
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But is he overrated when it is pretty much just his coach trying to motivate him are doing all the DPOY talk? Even Clip Nations (teams own website for news and articles?) doesn't see him as the candidate and with a quick google search, no one really has him picked either.
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i dunno. simmons had him pegged as DPOY as well
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do clippers actually own clipsnation? another writer on clipsnation thinks deandre is DPOY (http://www.clipsnation.com/2015/3/4/8146515/why-deandre-jordan-will-win-dpoy) although he's not arguing DJ should win DPOY but probably will win DPOY
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I believe so but no 100% sure. it's definitely Clips oriented so you'd expect it to be more team biased of sorts but I guess not. There is a difference between winning and deserving though and even the Clips fan sees that. If Docs lobbying works then what can you do?

I know there's been a big analytics and data debate ever since Barkley opened his mouth but I am not sure how split the media are about it. I assume most believe in it and in the end whoever leads that stat and is on the best possible team will win since the media votes for it, no? I think if they go that route, Green will likely win it. Feel sorry for Gobert since his team sucks.

When has a player that won a DPOY been on a non-winning team?
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Originally Posted by ballmouse View Post

What is a 3rd tiered starter?

By the way, only 3 teams have never lost 60 games in a season. It looks like after this season, they'll be just one - the Utah Jazz. THe Lakers and Knicks are the 2 other teams.
wow. incredible.
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MVP contenders breakdown, I know it's BR and not many likes them here but if you like stats and numbers then you might like it anyways: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2386055-breaking-down-the-nbas-insanely-competitive-mvp-race
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