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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

He has already done it in the slam dunk contest.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

oh snap didnt know that. thanks for posting
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Originally Posted by diadem View Post

Yeah, but he didn't have a running start this time, which I think makes it more impressive.

Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Not taking anything away from it, was just pointing out that it has been done in the contest and by Green himself.

Originally Posted by diadem View Post

Well, they're different because in the dunk contest, he started near the 3-point line and ran in.  Here he just stood under the basket and did it straight up.  Having a running start is a big help in getting extra elevation.

I get that. I saw both dunks and read your initial post of him having a running start on one and not in the other.

Geez, is my explanation not enough that I just posted that it was done shoe-less before by the same guy, which was mainly a reply to Namor anyways saying someone is going to steal it for the contest?

You want a damn cookie for pointing out the obvious differences? You mad the thunder was taken away from your post or something? lol8[1].gif
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Just the way you worded your post, it sounded like you saw the 2 of them as basically the same.  Like they both had the same degree of difficulty, even though one is much tougher than the other.  Not mad, just nitpicking, I guess.

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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Oh my god this Blazers clippers game. Chris Paul shoots for a game tying layup, literally goes almost below the rim on the inside but bounces out, buzzer goes off, deandre gets rebound and stops cuz he thinks game is over but it was the shot clock buzzer not that game buzzer. He still had 0.7 seconds to get ball in and his hand and the ball is right next to rim

Originally Posted by LawrenceMD View Post

man doc rivers putting in big baby davis and hedo turkoglu AND austin rivers in crunch time line ups.... holy shit this was a coaching loss...

hack a deAndre worked too! lol what a game

wild game! don't take it out on Rivers. He had Griffin, Crawford and Barnes out for the game. I thought he did an incredible job of juggling a lineup minus three starters against a really good team. And oh my god, that finish. that paul shot was seriously below the rim ... how much spin did he put on that ball? and i think the biggest impact of the hack-a-jordan was that he was just blanked when it came to that last play. Of course, there were four players for the Clips with plus-37 minutes (including Turkoglu) and DJ had 45. He's still a monster defender and rebounder ... what is he? 5 straight games with more than 15 boards?
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

BEAST!!! dude's personality reminds me of a kobe bryant. i hope he learns from kobe though and learns to play with another superstar alongside him. its better for his career in the long run. and who wouldnt want to play with a guy like Durant?!?
there was a really interesting kobe profile on, i believe nba tv, and they asked him which young players had the same burn he did when he was a rookie and he said westbrook.
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Did Westbrook put up the best line of all time in a game where his +/- was -12? Shows you how much volatility there can be in +/- game to game.
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Westbrook is the only player since Wilt to have 120 pts/40 rebounds and 30 assists in 3 straight games(total.) Amazing stats!

And he is now leading the league in scoring ahead of Harden.
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In Russy We Trust!
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Jordan would have passed that to Ibaka

What a game
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Will be interesting to know whether that was just a quick decision by Gasol to kick it out to E'Twaun Moore or if it was drawn up by Thibs. Great play.
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looks like wes matthews might be out with achilles injury. good thing my korver for wes matthews trade kept getting rejected. guys in sf league hate trades
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damn that sucks. love wes
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Had him last season in fantasy. Very dependable player. Now he enters free agency with this.
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oh i honestly totally forgot cleveland-atlanta was tonight. good game, i'm excited i get to go to it. i dunno who's gonna win but i expect the score to be in the 110s at least.
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Don't normally watch Shaqtin' but this week's made me LOL.
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