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shoot 28% all season and makes game tying and winning threes
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Dude dominated in the last 6 minute. Blocks, 2 сlutch threes, alley oops passes (!3!). I have him in one league and after starting hot in the first, went quite until the beast mode kicked in

Deandre has got to be losing sleep on this one. How are you not aware with the game on the line?
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What's the deal with Batum anyway? I get he has a chronic wrist problem, which explains the poor shooting, but his value was mostly tied to doing everything else on the court. all his numbers are down
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I thought Batum was dealing with divorce?

I just remember dude being a beast on fantasy league 2-3 years ago, close to a triple double average.
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yeah caught this article dude had to pay $5million?

summary of the "finer" points:
What was on track to be a routine and unremarkable parting became a public embarrassment for Batum when Pimentel went to Clackamas County Circuit Court, claiming he was more than $216,000 behind in his payments.

In fact, she was wrong. At the time of the hearing, Batum was nearly $90,000 ahead in his payments.

Based on the incorrect information, Judge Eve Miller ruled there was "clear and convincing evidence" that Batum was in "willful violation" of the settlement agreement. She found him in contempt and fined him $500 a day for each day he was in breach of the contract.

Pimentel and her Oregon attorney, Thomas Brasier, failed to include a $282,222 payment Batum made in April and, therefore, were wrong about the amount still owed. Batum was current on his payments by July 2 and by the time of the hearing was actually ahead by nearly $90,000.

"I do believe we had a mistaken calculation," Brasier conceded in an email to Batum's financial adviser a few days later

good times
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BEAST!!! dude's personality reminds me of a kobe bryant. i hope he learns from kobe though and learns to play with another superstar alongside him. its better for his career in the long run. and who wouldnt want to play with a guy like Durant?!?
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I saw that last night and just facepalmed...Sixers D is swiss cheese...

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I don't really want to get into it but Kobe has won 5 chips with Shaq and Pau, he could play with others. Granted dude isn't going to be Shaq or Pau's best man in their weddings but for the most part they got along and played well together to win championships. A 3-peat at that.

Ya'll just got to conveniently forget his other accomplishments because Howard didn't want to stay for being a pussy and couldn't take it because Kobe was too rough on him. lol8[1].gif

Now I am not saying Kobe is perfect, far from it and players might not want to play with him now (keyword is now) because he doesn't want to give up the ball still at his age and decline but don't act like he has never played with other greats on a team and won.

And I know stats says the Lakers are better without him but I think the Lakers are 10-25 (40%) with Kobe and 6-19 (24%) without him this year?
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Good lord... O_o



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crazy! why wasnt he in the dunk contest this year? someone is going to recreate that exact same gimmick with a pair of jordans. walk up to the rim, look up, take off the jordans to the applause of the crowd, perform the dunk, come down on the jordans, sprains ankle!
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He has already done it in the slam dunk contest.

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Yeah, but he didn't have a running start this time, which I think makes it more impressive.

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Not taking anything away from it, was just pointing out that it has been done in the contest and by Green himself.
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Well, they're different because in the dunk contest, he started near the 3-point line and ran in.  Here he just stood under the basket and did it straight up.  Having a running start is a big help in getting extra elevation.

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