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mcgary is a nominal power forward. he actually has a nice jumper, but they basically have 3 big men that can play interchangeable off the bench

i want novak to happen again
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Unless something unexpected happens, they should easily be able to make the WCF. The only question is what if they disappoint in the playoffs? I ask since I can't think of any coaches better than Brooks available in the offseason (now that Karl's been hired).
i don't know man. i think they might be able to move up, but if they're the 8 seed, there's no way they're a big favorite on the road against gsw. plus durant's health is a giant question mark; that's a much bigger deal than a better bench.
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Yeah. Might be out for the season. I also don't know if they'll definitely make the WCF. I feel like any of the 8 western conference teams could make the finals and win it all. Warriors are the team to beat but it's really close.
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i don't think the mavs have a chance of making the finals. i doubt the clippers, rockets (w/o healthy howard), and spurs can either tbh. clippers are too stagnant and have no depth, same w/ houston, and honestly none of the spurs have played up to their level from last year so far, maybe save duncan. they deserve the benefit of the doubt, but if they didn't win the title last year, nobody would be giving them a chance this year given how they've looked. that leaves golden state, okc, memphis, portland.

btw the 8 western playoff teams are essentially locked up. okc is already 8th, phoenix is scrambling and took a step backward w/o two of their best 4 players and needed big man depth, and anthony davis is out 1-2 weeks. sad to say, no drama w/ that race anymore.
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mavs, spurs, clippers do have a chance tho and i would put all three of them up against any eastern conference team

i think the only two teams without gaping weaknesses is golden state and memphis. okc and portland have big injury concerns.
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I've shitted on the Clips bench for maybe the whole season but just like the CP3 was a blessing in disguise for Griffin a year ago, Griffins injury might be a blessing in disguise for the bench this year. The bench has played really well this past 4 games resulting in a 4 game winning streak (knock on wood) and even Rivers didn't look so terrible. I think the confidence the bench gains will benefit the team greatly come playoff time.

Was surprised the Dubs lose to Indiana tonight and Portland just lost tonight as well giving the Clips a half game lead on them though the Blazers is still ahead in 4th place in ranking (leads the Northwest I guess?).

I still don't think the Thunder could beat the Dubs or Grizz in a 7 game series no matter how deep they are (they do still have Russy) and with Durant being out a few games here and there so they better not slip up.
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yeah austin rivers had that one good game. hopefully he gets better

i think thunder could beat dubs or grizz if everybody was healthy. their bench is amazingly deep and they also have 3 of the best players in the league. ibaka's 3 doesn't command respect, but he hits it pretty well. i think it would come down to matter of coaching cuz the talent is there.

i didnt watch the pacers game cuz pacers games are boring as fuck, but the blazers grizzlies game was really tight all the way and blazers gave it up in the last minute or so
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I am starting to dislike Ibakas offense, he shoots way more jumpshots than he should, especially behind the arc this year. I think he needs to have some post moves and I think that might be why they were desperate to get Brook Lopez this year? His fg% went down from 54% last year to 46% this year and it's likely due to 3.5 3pt attempts per game in comparison to less than one attempts last year.

I still think OKC is pushing it all up and winning due to talent while Dubs are very talented, very deep and very well coached (didn't imagine they could have improved this much from last year). I just do not trust OKCs coach too much, feels like that bench is going to be useless because he'll burn the starters in minutes anyways.

Health is definitely going to be the determining factor but I still need to see Scott Brooks actually utilize that bench more effectively. I guess we'll see with Durant out for a week or so. Plus we get to see more The Russy Show so ain't no complaints over here.
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That Ibaka offense is intentional, as they decided to turn him into a stretch 4. Presumably to give the two slashers space and another kick out option. To his credit, he's put in the work and can hit those shots, including corner 3's
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

That Ibaka offense is intentional, as they decided to turn him into a stretch 4. Presumably to give the two slashers space and another kick out option. To his credit, he's put in the work and can hit those shots, including corner 3's

He's put the work in but it doesn't really look natural.
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Where is the real Richard Jefferson? Because if you told me he would have 1 of the sickest dunks this year, I would've asked you 'isn't he retired?'

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Bahaha, ref called that an offensive foul, though :lol:. Impressive, nonetheless.

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sup lawrence
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

sup lawrence

up by 9 with less than two minutes left lakers still almost blew it! That sequence to force OT was still exciting as hell even the OT the lakers tried 100 ways to blow it. OMG what have these two once great franchises trotted out as game time lineups were full of LOLz.

it was like watching an exciting HOBO fight.
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i'm half way through but it's already a great read

also this


apparently carlisle put barea in game four of 2011 finals because of line up data. also didnt realize dwane casey and terry stotts were assistant coaches at the time

also this

NBA.com: What numbers are most important to you?

E.S.: Surprisingly, very basic numbers. I look at all of our defensive rankings. I want to see where we rank in overall efficiency, field goal percentage allowed, points allowed, 3-point percentage allowed, points in the paint allowed, and our rebounding numbers. Those are probably the numbers I look at the most.
Then we have our own defensive chart that we built under Pat. Stan [Van Gundy] used it as well and I continue to use it. We grade each defensive possession by 54 different criteria.

NBA.com: What would be some examples of those 54 criteria?

E.S.: Proper coverage of pick-and-roll. For example, if we're getting over the screen, if the big is showing correctly, if our weak side protections are there in three different areas. We grade every situation, post-ups, catch-and-shoots, pick-and-rolls, transition conversion ... all of these, every single possession.
It is a very tedious and laborious process. I used to chart that for Pat and Stan. And the day that I finally graduated from that responsibility - and I've had many different responsibilities over 15 years - that was one of my greatest days with the Miami Heat.

So now Brian Hecker, who is one of our scouts, does that. And he's done it for the last five or six years. It's a very comprehensive report. It takes a long time.
So that's primarily for myself and the staff now. When Pat was coaching, he would give those grades out to the players. And that was always a point of contention, with myself or with Brian, because players didn't want to have their grades written on the board the next day. It was always contested, because a lot of it was subjective.

NBA.com: So who has the best grades this season?

E.S.: We have quite a few impact guys. You can score more than one positive point every possession. It's weighted a little bit more in the bigs' favor, because you can impact more plays with your helps on the weak side on pick-and-rolls. But we have several guys that can rack up multiple points on one single possession, by doing a lot of different things right. And obviously, that would be Joel Anthony, Chris [Bosh], LeBron [James], Dwyane [Wade]. These guys rack up rack up a lot of points, a lot of positives.

For whatever reason, I don't give the grades out to the players. But I use the chart to find out where we've been weak and where we've been giving up the majority of points. It will show you, for example, we had 15 poor shows on pick-and-rolls, and they scored x amount of points off that. Or they scored x amount of points off one-on-one attacks, where we didn't contain the ball.
So after three weeks or three months, you find significant trends of where you need to improve.

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