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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Honestly pretty ridiculous. How is a game between the two best not televised

8:30 pacific and all nba games are over. odd
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Great insight brothersport. Atlanta has great ball movement and did a great job getting to the line and hitting their 3s. Warriors looked tired. I think this was a good measuring stick game for both teams.
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i'd be surprised if this game meant as much to golden state as it did to the hawks. not by a ton maybe (curry played a bit more than usual), but at least a little.
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Fans out here definitely saw it as a huge game and it was talked about in the media for a few weeks. I would be surprised if the warriors didn't think it was a major milestone game.
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oh yeah? interesting. from my perspective i don't think the general fan believes in the hawks team as much as the warriors due to being in the east, lack of star power, etc. steve kerr after the game called it a "minor blip" fwiw. im not saying it was just another game though.
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I think warriors fans will write this game off as the team being tired, traveling east or whatever. If the Ws had won there would have been a different story from everyone out here. Both teams are good. I like the warriors chances if they get to the finals but the Hawks won't be pushovers. Well coached and somewhat comparable team. I have a feeling both sides think they didn't play their best ball tonight.
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the bulls and hawks showed the different ways you can theoretically beat the warriors even if they score 110+ points...

the bulls just hung on for dear life against the Warriors offensive onslaught and home crowd... and waited until the middle of the 4th Q... and then switched up defenses forcing the warriors to try to score inside...

the hawks just fought the warriors toe to toe with similar assed offensive and defensive sets.... until one team was left standing...

what i did notice is that the warriors can get a little gassed towards the end (hence their 4th quarter scoring woes) which cause a bit of a clogged toilet offense... maybe they've been scouted and the whole league is doing it to them now so thats the cause... still though its hard to survive 3 quarters of the warriors anyway as their 2nd best record suggests.
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Normally they don't play their starters much in Q4 so not sure they really have any woes there. My brother who watches them much more closely than I do told me early in the game he thought they looked tired. I'm not sure I understand how they can be tired considering their starters are all averaging 34 minutes or under per game although traveling from the west coast to the east coast is more difficult than people may realize.

It's not clear toe that the Ws have a schematic or structural weakness I just think they were outplayed tonight and against the Bulls. Against the Bulls I. particular the Ws just had a stinker.
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holyshit, so i dont follow wnba but read an article recently about the WNBA's best player diana taurasi sitting out this season at the behest of her russian club team, UMMC Ekaterinburg. Her contract with that russian team is for 1.5 million, almost 1.4 million more than what she makes with the phoenix mercury. Taurasi, arguably best in league made just under $110,000 (!the league maximum!) last year in her championship season

Britney Griner, the Anthony Davis of WNBA, spent 4 months in China making almost 8 times more than her rookie contract of just under $50,000 from her WNBA team.

fuck people go to these games and buy their jerseys please. keep america's best out of china and russia. i would go of course, but nor cal lost their team. i would have definitely gone, absolutely
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Where does that hot chick play? Skylar Grey I think her name is?
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you say she is hot? with a name like that she should be moonlighting as professional model so she could pay for her community college tuition
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Lol, Skylar Grey is a singer. I think you mean Skylar Diggins. I'm a fan of Elena Delle Donne myself.
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

jr looking good out there. i hope he can keep it together. just last week he said all there is in cleveland is basketball. no distractions. i like jr i hope he helps this team

This is hilarious. J.R. Smith finally playing well and consistently. "Hey all you had to do was put me in a boring-ass town with absolutely nothing else to do! Then I'll HAVE to do my job."


Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

you say she is hot?

No such thing as hot, female basketball players. Somewhat attractive considering they're bballers? Yes. Hot? No.
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Erin Heatherton used to play bball and she's considered "hot" in the traditional sense. Not sure if she went pro though...
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You're right... she's hot. That's why she went to Victoria's Secret instead of WNBA! nod[1].gif
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