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frown.gif hawks
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what the hell is going on with KD? seems like he only plays every third game nowadays
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i dunno if okc will make playoffs. i think suns might even get 7th seed
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hawks streak had to come to an end sometime i guess.

im goin to the warriors game on friday. super excited to cheer really loud. 1st game this year was against the grizzle, whom i wanted to win, and gf was rooting for the thunder the 2nd game. think the crowd is going to go nuts against GS.

dunno about the suns. dudes can't win a close game to save their lives. it's obviously fluky, but those losses count. it looks like they're now 2-8 in 3 pt (or less) games? and 0-4 in OT.

obv okc and new orleans have their own problems.
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Pelicans were very well prepared for that game, they deserved the win. Dude, A Davis had a put back dunk that was so athletic it just made everyone look like HS kids.
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hahahhaa parsons

February 3, 2015
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i think meyers leonard is better looking. if he was only a better bballer i think neo might give up his virginity
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

Btw, Noah apparently winning Defensive Player of the Year award

As if I needed another reason to have his babies
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if only you had ovaries
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hmmm hadn't considered meyers leonard. i don't think it works for me, dude looks like an axis powers gi joe.
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Originally Posted by Brothersport View Post

hmmm hadn't considered meyers leonard. i don't think it works for me, dude looks like an axis powers gi joe.

Good one nod[1].gif
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@indesertumthis article was MADE for you

Korver has a 20-point checklist that helps him determine how sound his shot is. "It's things I've identified that are keys to my shot," Korver said.

Wide stance.
Exaggerated legs.
Drop through heels.
Engage core.
Slight bend at waist.
Up strong.
Elbow straight.
One hand.
Fingers spread.
Slight pause.
Elbow up.
Land forward.
See the top of the rim.
Ball on fingertips.
Strong shot.
Shoulders forward and relaxed.
Ball and arm risen straight.
Hold the follow through.
Keep the release point high.
On turns, square shoulders.

"I'm not going to check every single one of them every time," Korver said. "There's a certain point, a certain feel I'm trying to get to every day. Some things, you do more naturally. Some things, I have to think about them. As I'm shooting, I have this list in the back of my head, and I know I'm not doing one or two of them. Once I feel I get all 20 of them clicking, then I'm going to have natural rhythm in my shot."

holy crap

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Hitting 52.2% of your 3's off the dribble is the most impressive stat on that entire chart. Especially since he doesn't have the array of moves to get open that say, Dame Lillard does. That stat probably includes off the dribble, coming off a pick kind of shots
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Eh, some of those things on his list are things that aren't really taught, but just work for him. Stuff like squaring up to the basket and the slight pause actually go against the grain. If you watch shooting videos on YouTube (the Pro Shot Shooting System channel is a great resource...I think indesertum recommended it first and then I subscribed), things like turning so your shooting shoulder and hip are pointed to the basket are recommended as well as a one-motion shot (as opposed to a two-motion shot like Korver has). Regardless, he still does the sweep and sway (landing forward), which is probably the most important element of your jump shot.
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Originally Posted by diadem View Post

Wow, the Nets beat the Clippers??? Turrible...
blew a 9-point lead in the last 90 seconds. reminded me of the OKC playoff game. they seem to be at that stage in their development when they get big leads and figure they can coast. will be interesting to see how doc deals with it. OTOH, austin rivers is starting to look decent.
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