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fuck those commentators are annoying
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then again most are
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

Imagine if Timmy did that to Becky Hammon.... LOL

She's like half his size
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post


Pretty much says it all. As a warriors fan, I hope Kobe comes back and plays another 10 years. For all that he used to be and is no more.
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This Mavs vs Bulls game has a finals like intensity to it. Fucking love the nba. Didn't think it would get better but I've actually enjoyed nba more and more as I've aged. Even without a playoff team to root for a lot of great compelling matchups and storylines this year to keep me engaged
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Love it when Rose just jumps all over 7 foot trees in the paint. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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nba this year is the most fun i can remember in a long time. so glad all these not major market teams are doing well and the classic teams are sucking.

sincerely hoping for a hawks warriors finals, but id be happy with zards and raptors making it out of the east and memphis, okc, and maybe clips making it out of the west.
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sup guys, just got back from watching the hawks win their 15th in a row tonight, beating okc.

thoughts: atlanta's offense is so great. they have so many weapons, none elite, but all you have to be aware of. there's just so much motion, and a ton of passing, it literally seems like someone is open on every single play. atl-okc was tied-ish going into the half (korver dunk!!) but they missed a bunch of bunnies in the 1st half, then they pulled away.

okc's offense was a bit gross. i laughed soooo freaking hard at waiters, who played 1-on-1 to the tune of maybe 3 contested 2s and a wiiiiild contested layup, and it seems like reggie jackson, more often than not, doesn't have any chemistry w/ anyone on the team. durant was honestly not involved enough tonight, and he did a poor job of making sure he had the ball. he wasn't interested in rebounding or defense either (0 rebs in the 1st half), and then he just started jacking 3s when he touched the ball, and ended up 8-22.

oh, and i'm proud of this: early in the 4th they were down 10, and they had russ and kd both on the bench, w/ a lineup of reggie/dion/morrow/ibaka/perk. i immediately pointed out how freaking dumb this was, they scored 3 pts in a total of 2.5 minutes, and i came home to find haralabob complaining about the same thing.

look-at-me-i-have-glasses-so-i'm-smart tiny-liam-neeson scott brooks gotta go.
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oh, and then i watched the end of the suns-rockets, w/ dwight out. apparently the suns had outscored the rockets 25-9 w/ 6 min remaining in the 4th. i picked it up w/ the suns down 6 w/ 90 secs left, and they proceeded to tie the game up by hitting a 3, two 3-pt plays, and another 2 (it was crazy), while the rockets didn't screw up and only missed 1 free throw the whole time.

then harden got the ball back tied w/ 15 secs. they double-teamed him.

edit: it's really funny that nba play-by-play just shortens it to marc morris and mark morris.
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reminded me of this shot:
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Watching Klay's 3rd right now. Just wow. For the game 52 points on 25 shots in 32 minutes.
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They need to check the ball Klay Thompson was shooting with. Is it inflated properly?
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What's crazy is that he really did it in like 9 min. The announcers were celebrating when he had 19 in the quarter with 3 min left but he was just half way there.
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