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he's gritty and got that deceptive speed? makes the most of limited natural ability?
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well kevin love has his good points but more than anything he would've cost the warriors a ton more than what klay is costing them. i think love needs the right type of team around him
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i don't think he works as a 3rd banana that well, but he certainly doesn't fit their offense so far. i've only watched a couple games but it seems like basically every clutch possession is a bron pick and roll. sometimes the ball works its way to kyrie for a secondary pick and roll. i guess they throw love a token post possession every once in awhile but there's none of the off-the-ball action that they ran for him in minny that zach lowe always brought up
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Love: I predict another max contract that will look really bad in years to come.

No so sure it's his fit in the team, though I will come back to that. He looked more agile in Minny last year and now looks stiffer and less mobile in Cle. I think his body is tightening up on him and he's never going to be that player again.

On that Jalen Rose podcast, he thinks that Love and Lebron play the same position (the 4) and that they don't co-exist well because of it. Not sure I agree. I think Kyrie wants the ball in his hands and it saps at Lebron's natural dominance. Love just doesn't see the ball much with those 2 on the floor. He'd almost be more effective as a 6th man.

To the point above, every player needs the right kind of team around them so it's moot.
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its going to be easy to do a sign and trade with either kevin love or trade kyrie irving if Lebron/GM decides thats a good course of action. the cavs have kevin love's larry bird rights correct? then they ask love where he wants to go (example lakers) and sign him to that max contract and demand the moon with a trade.

hell they could fool the lakers and/or knicks into throwing that top 5 draft pick to do it. what would be interesting is if they do the sign and trade sooner this season with Love....
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No not every player needs the right team around him. Klay or butler for example would be a great addition to literally any team. They're well rounded two way players that can do a little of everything. Ball handling, driving and passing, attacking the rim, spacing the floor. They can step up and iso and they can play in pretty much any system whereas love needs a team to cover for his defense. He needs a good rim protector and post defender and he needs perimeter defenders so it's easier on him when they get in the paint
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Not sure if Korver is one of those players as I haven't watched him enough to evaluate his defense. But dude is literally plug and play. He's a beast
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I feel like korver is kind of that player because his defense is serviceable. But he's not going to be able to be the primary scorer on a team. He needs sets and/or a smart passer to get him open but that's mostly his fault because defenders are scared to leave him. Korver doesn't really ISO. He does a lot setting and running off screens for catch and shoots or attacking close outs. I think he's the closest guarded player in the league. Whereas I feel like klay or butler could carry the knicks with no melo.

I was really hoping a good coach would show love how not to foul when challenging drives and teach him verticality but so far it seems like he's the same. Reaching down with arms on fouls instead of going up at the last moment. Maybe it's an instinct? I don't know if people have ever improved their rim protecting abilities
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So, a white Ray Allen? lol8[1].gif
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I feel like korvers defense is better. Like outside of Boston teams had to hide Ray Allen on defense whereas Hawks are ok with him guarding almost everybody at his position. Like he doesn't have good lateral quickness but it's serviceable

Also thinking about it one of the things that makes Korver deadly is that he sets good screens. If you set a good screen the man defending you has to help out a little bit. But if you're defending Korver you have to choose betweent Korver getting open or whoever korver is screening for getting open. Which is a pretty tough decision. I feel like Ray allen did set screens but in general they would do like an around the world type double pin down screen for him cuz Ray allen really isn't big enough to set screens on everybody.
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korver is amazing but he still needs a system in order to get the most out of his talents. like if korver was on this cleveland team he wouldn't be running off screens making room for everyone else, he'd just be mike miller
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^ Which brings us back full circle. Love = Miller = Korver marchal.gif
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Originally Posted by Brothersport View Post

korver is amazing but he still needs a system in order to get the most out of his talents. like if korver was on this cleveland team he wouldn't be running off screens making room for everyone else, he'd just be mike miller

Same applies to any player who isn't a great ballhandler and slasher at the 2/3 spot; like Danny Green or even guys like Reggie Miller, Richard Hamilton etc. So it isn't a big deal on NBA level since it has been done regularly.
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danny green and korver do have ballhandling skills, but you're not going to see them be the ball handler of a pick and roll. they do other stuff like attacking closeouts or once they've curled off a screen into the lane read the right passes. they're actually really good at doing that. they just dont do what you typically think of ball handling
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i wasn't putting korver down at all, i think he's phenomenal. indesertum said that korver would be a great addition to any team, and i fully agree w/ that, but i was just pointing out that you're not going to get the results that atlanta is getting w/ him by just adding him to any offense. he can do tons of stuff, be an elite spot-up guy, create a little off of closeouts, but atlanta has 100% optimized his talent into their scheme and not every team can do that. he runs nonstop, acting as the scariest decoy in the league, creating pockets of space for everyone else, and rotations are death given that everyone on the team is a capable shooter.

danny green has def gotten better at dribbling a bit off of close outs, but to me korver is much more proficient at ball handling. indesertum you're totally right that korver gets the ball off curls and hits the right pass a lot. to me danny green is much more of a stationary spot-up guy, who can only create off of straight-line drives to the rim.

btw imagine if korver was still on this bulls team in the dunleavy spot crazy.gif
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