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My sense is that Kobe doesn't really consider any historical benchmarks other than MJ interesting or relevant.
exactly. he has/had one yardstick his whole career. i think it's really cool how he's adjusted his game ... on those nights when he can still actually get it going.
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I never thought I'd say this but I feel bad for Kobe. He should just retire. He's still got the ability to be great at times and score in bunches, but he's a dinosaur and can't contribute to a winning team. It's not clear to me that he would make any playoff team better at this point because he doesn't know how to be a complementary player.

I believe that his top priority is winning, I just don't think he knows any other way to get there other than the way he's always done it. I would have a lot more respect for him if he just said - I gave it everything I had and there isn't a championship in my future so I'm retiring.
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The Kobester has 50 million reasons to keep chucking up that ball.
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and when you watch the attendance at road games where the lakers are playing, you'll see the nba has an investment in keeping him playing as well. artistically, he's on his last legs, but financially he's still a big draw.
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post

But is he worth a max contract?

Moderation... please keep an eye on max contract talk. Max contracts are mentioned too often for my personal comfort.
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Ninja edit fail. Not surprised. lol8[1].gif
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Gotta love those Knick fans,

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Figuring out the triangle is no longer his problem and J.R. Smith couldn't be happier.

“It's almost too much thinking,'' Smith told The Post Wednesday night
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Marcin Gortat ‪#‎NBABallot‬
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So just to get some discussions going, are all of us here pretty much in agreement that Curry is the MVP of the season so far?

Anyone got someone else in mind that should be considered?
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i really think anthony davis should be considered, but he wont cuz he's playing for a team that wont even make the playoffs

otherwise james harden is the closest to curry

chris paul the perpetually underrated candidate. marc gasol dark horse candidate. theres a lot of chatter for jimmy butler, but as well as he's playing i really dont think so
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Whoever it is, I'm just glad all these established/emerging stars are getting consideration or at least in discussion. Agreed with the Anthony Davis nomination which is coming from a Butler supporter. But like JJ Watt, it doesn't help if his team doesn't make the playoffs.
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also as great as playoffs was last season, this season will be even better. kinda drooling at quality playoff games every night. i mean regular season this year is already better than first round maybe even second round playoffs in the past several years

also MIP i think is a toss up between butler and draymond. i think butler will get the nod cuz he scores more, but i think draymond provides more for his team
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