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Hey, the Heat are still the 8th seed??
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Honestly I'm kinda surprised lebron leaving takes heats from championship contender to barely 8th seed
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I'm surprised too based on how they looked on paper but their defense has really fallen off and they have the bad tendency to let their opponent go on huge runs. They would never have the same offensive efficiency without Lebron but they completely forgot their schemes on the other side of the floor too
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Off-topic but who should shut it down first and who eventually will shut it down first for the season: LBJ or Melo?
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Where are the Knicks? Mello should be healthy and the triangle should be clicking by the playoffs.
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There's talk of shutting down melo for the whole season
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There are talks (though not as loud or aggressive) for LeBron to shut it down too with his list of nagging injuries/aches.
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Oh. For some reason I thought the lebron injury wasn't too bad. I thought they were considering doing surgery on melo
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Yeah, I'm as big a LBJ hater there is but kind of a shame that this year is turning out to be a wash. I mean, it'll be interesting (read: entertaining) to watch Shum and JR do some things but with no rim protection and mediocre defense all around,, shutting it down looks like the right decision. It's just crazy how bad the East is because they can sneak in with little to no effort facepalm.gif
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Yeah. Part of it is lebrons fault. Dude is constantly in chill mode unless some idiot like Tobias Harris provokes him.
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wild year with all the injuries to the big stars. pistons took out spurs in san antonio for their 6th straight win. these teams are going in opposite directions
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Wow... those Knicks are even worse than the Lakers.
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skyhook dunk!

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