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Also, I see a lot of similarities between the composition of this Rockets team and the Lakers team that won back-to-back championships in '09 and '10.  Both teams are built around a superstar SG (Harden / Kobe) and quality big men (D12 and J-Smoove / Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum) with a solid wing defender (Trevor Ariza on both teams -- I remember he hounded the crap out of Hedu Turkoglu during that Finals series).  Obviously, this is best case scenario and I'm assuming that Josh Smith regains his Atlanta form, but I think that's very plausible since he's playing with his childhood friend in D12 on a team that can make a run at a championship.


Realistically, though, yeah, still not better than Memphis or GSW.

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I do mostly agree with you, but I'm kinda hoping that the rockets will be able to turn smoove into a rudy gay like story with the kings where the usage decreases and he's able to find more efficient shots. i also think they might use smoove like asik and not use him and dwight together that often. jones and montejunas can play the stretch big

but yeah. like i said i dont think he's that coachable, but then again both grizzlies and raptors weren't able to really get gay to change, but he changed once he got to the kings

also IMO there really is no top contender right now. The top 7 teams all have a very very good chance of a title this year. I think mavs (my 8 pick) have to solve their defense issues first and foremost but everybody else has extremely good teams.

right now i would put warriors, OKC, and grizzlies in the top tier and just below that clippers, portland, rockets, and spurs. but extremely close between the tiers although maybe clippers are at the end of the second tier with their defensive issues. OKC and spurs will probably not have home court advantage, but regardless they're extremely dangerous. the first and second round exits from last year reupped either with new agents or simply with a better team meshing and key contributions from unexpected places like draymond green with warriors and courtney lee with the grizzlies and danny green with the spurs. or bench players all of a sudden looking like they'll be extremely good come playoffs (eg OKC, rockets)

playoffs are going to be last year times a hundred. the predicted contendors aren't doing that well (bulls, cavs). the underrated teams of last year are doing so well with key wins over WC teams (hawks, wizards, raptors)
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He'll be fine (and the rockets will get a steal) if he just stops being hardheaded. There was one season in Atlanta - playing with two paint men in Horford and Shelden Williams - where he decided he was going to listen and never shoot threes. Those were the times he was an all star and a borderline first round fantasy pick
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remember when he was considered baby lebron?

what happened to that dude
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NBA has been really exciting to watch this year. It's great to see a lot of talented players and competitive teams playing sound basketball. I remember not even bothering with the Lakers's last 2 championship runs despite rooting for them back when it was Kobe and Shaq.

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(west coast) nba been incredible this year. east coast...not so much lol. i'm actually somewhat excited to go to some hawks games in the 2nd half of the year. usually i just go for the visiting team but atl's taking it to some good teams so far (lac, cleveland).

varejao's contract extension they signed earlier this year was a dumb idea then and it's even dumber now. 3 years $30M wtf.
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I don't think it was that bad of a deal. Same reason as Bogut really. Just in hindsight injuries should've een a bigger concern

I really like watching Hawks this year. Really like the whole team down to Schroeder. Also raptors. They're hungry. They want blood. And they're young
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really? i disagree. varejao is 2 years older (32) and maybe one of the few bigs that has a worse injury history than bogut (or at least equal). more than that, though, he hasn't shown a history of being a top-tier rim protector. bogut at least showed that when he was healthy w/ golden state last year, they gave andy that contract 2 months after the season started, when they were playing bad defense.

besides, a lot of people though that deal was too much for bogut, because of the injury risk.
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yeah i dont think really realized how much rim protection they need, but otherwise varejao's been really good on offense and not terrible on defense and i think they really valued vets and glue guys
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Carmelo + 4 white guys means Carmelo gets to shoot every possession

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^it's like the mcgrady dunk except shawn bradley is a black velociraptor.

in last night's sac-nyk game, demarcus cousins did everything he could to stop ty corbin from winning the game for the knicks.

can't get the vine to embed but here it is

boogie!!!! dude was taken a pick after wesley johnson who is 3 years older lolololol
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Boogie was always an otherworldly talent - he dropped because he was widely seen as a head case (and for good reason). Sacto took a big gamble and it's paid off nicely (at least until when/if the next meltdown occurs)
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