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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

But is Kawhi worth a max contract?

Closer and closer every day.
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watched about a half of nyk-cle today, lebron doesn't look close to the same. looks super slow on defense, people blowing by him and not even contesting shots. still having tremendous trouble on O around the rim, probably from not being able to deal w/ all the lost weight. even turned the ball over from indecision on a 4 on 2 where calderon and melo were the defenders, what in the world. i'd chalk it up to being early in the season, but a lot of smart analysts say his D slipped a lottt 2nd half of last season. we'll see, but he might just have too many miles to be the same player he once was. maybe he just has to figure out how to play while slimmed down. disclaimer: i haven't watched nearly as much lbj this year as in the past.
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And does Kyrie look like the oldest 22 year old in the league or is it just me? I swear, dude looks older than Paul Pierce
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Why don't the Pelicans feed Davis the ball more?
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pierce gonna have the last laugh when his puberty finally finishes and he can fill in those spots on his beard
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Why don't the Pelicans feed Davis the ball more?
you can't feed somebody the ball when tyreke evans is dribbling it for 20 seconds each possession
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it seems like a confidence issue with lebron too... because in his old cleveland/heat days those were always defensively solid teams (say what you want about mike brown but he was a great defensive coach) with good defensive rotations and personnel. now lebron looks over at kyrie and kevin love (who are sub par and don't understand good team defense/schemes lebron is saying "fuck it" and saving himself on the defensive side...

the thing is... he's kind of saving himself on the offensive side too...
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speaking of kyrie btw, this (from the 2nd game of the season against chi) still freaking kills me
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Why are you guys so fascinated with Plumlee? He has to be one of the most discussed players on this thread confused.gif
Future Laker, baby!
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Barkley on TNT halftime tonight: "Anthony Davis is the 3rd best player in the world." So numbers 1 and 2 are…?? patch[1].gif
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Lebron & Durant
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Curry #4
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Harden, CP3, DMC, Westy

Drops off to next tier melo, bosh, love, griffindor, Lowry, wall, kawhi, Aldridge, lillard
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List are pointless without analytics and vertical + wingspan numbers.
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Yeah! The best player in the world is Klay Thompson because he leads the league in +/-
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Anthony Davis is supposedly having the best PER in the leagues history. The highest is ~31 but THEBROWs at ~33 right now and was at ~37 just a month ago.
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