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the best players will play awesome no matter the system and might even be better without a system especially one that doesn't play to their strengths. system is more for the role players and those who can't create their own shots. scott brooks is running more sets although it's pretty simple stuff like flex for their reserve players now that durant, westbrook. lamb, mcgary and jackson are all out

i feel like the way the warriors are running the triangle is a better way than what the knicks are doing. they're not doing full on triangle for every possession and they don't do the weak side two man game like in traditional triangle. they put shooters there to stretch the floor for a rolling lane. also the triangle is really designed for a big man with a dominant post up game so they get good positioning on the low block with secondary shot attempts coming from efficient mid range scorers on the weaakside. neither golden state or knicks have a dominant center with a post up game. i mean dalembert and cole aldrich are getting the ball on the low block a lot and they can't do shit with it so they just pass it out which is just a waste of shot clock time.
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Lance Stephenson... wtf
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how to embed vine videos?
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OMG Kobe is jacking them up tonight.... 7-23. Pass the ball yo.
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Edina was at the Blazers game last night

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Originally Posted by idfnl View Post

OMG Kobe is jacking them up tonight.... 7-23. Pass the ball yo.

the kobe bean don't fall very far from the jelly bean tree.
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Wait, James Harden had 10 assists???
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Originally Posted by idfnl View Post

OMG Kobe is jacking them up tonight.... 7-23. Pass the ball yo.

you mean 14-37 LOLZ
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that was ugly. watched just the end of it. really sad to watch him go into beast mode and there was no beast. or at least a lot less of one. he's just too old to carry the whole team on his back anymore. and the lakers played absolutely no defense. they'd work 20 seconds on offense and wind up with kobe jacking up something nearly impossible (and hitting more than you might have thought possible), and then give up a 10-second layup at the other end. it was like phoenix was running drills. what's worse, is they play charlotte this weekend and then start a truly hellacious run. who knows how bad this team could be?
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Kobe baby kobe!

Sadly, the Lakers doesn't really have much of a choice these days. Their only chance was to develop Randle and that would have taken some shot opportunities away from Kobe but when the rook went down then it was really up to Kobe to just score and score like he usually does. No Swaggy P out there to chuck up shots either and outside of Jordan Hill, not many can really sink their shots.

And honestly, when Kobe started scoring in the 4th, that is when the team got somewhat energized and the game didn't become a blowout.

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well they have subpar roster by NBA standards, Kobe could go more of a Steve Nash route and get more players involved let them miss those shots.. it would be better for his image lol8[1].gif not sure it would affect their standings though, most teams they played so far are much better
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Kobe isn't really that great with creating shots for others and he already has plenty of turnovers on his hand by himself. And his teammates doesn't rotate or create open shots when Kobe is being double or triple teamed.

Kobe tries to be a playmaker but once the player misses open shots or just blows the play, he gets impatient and just takes the shot himself.

Plus most already expect him to shoot anyways so when he all of a sudden passes them the other player fumbles or just messes up and Kobe yells at them anyways. lol8[1].gif
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I guess I have to take his raw production in and forget about FG % and TOs in fantasy this year. His lines alone will sink me those categories. Still, I'm happy to seem him so productive.
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apparently klay didn't actually get a max. max is tied to a percentage of cap and they gave him the equivalent of that but not tied to the cap so they won't overpay when he cap jumps.

so looks like kawhi didn't get max not because he didn't deserve it, which he does (just look at minutes adjusted win shares. he's far ahead of paul george, carmelo anthony, noah, westbrook, duncan)

but because

1) signing him to a max extension now would mean immediately after this season they would pay him $16 million which would mean they would have $8 million less to spend on the 2016 free agent bonanza

2) danny green is in the same situation and he needs to get paid too

3) duncan and ginobili might retire so they might have more money next season

it's risky for the same reasons rockets lost parsons

1) a team in desperate need of a wing can work out tricky shit to take him away
examples: charlotte offering hayward max
mavs offering parsons only a 3 year deal with a third year trade kicker, which would mean they only keep him for 3 years instead of 5 or 4 and it would make it harder for the team to participate in a free agent bonanza in that following year

2) to participate in any free agent signing they would need to sign the free agent first and then sign kawhi in order to utilize the bird rights. which is what the rockets tried doing and missed out on both fronts.
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