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Payment sent!
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Originally Posted by mikey34 View Post
I'll be holding The buy ins sir, cdub1060@yahoo.com payment is 20 as gift, leave your styleforum user name and fantasy name please.
i just paid you $20. please let me know if you didn't get it. see you guys at the draft tomorrow
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gl allthanks guys, so far this is who has paid: 1.mikey34/mikey34 2.sexandcandy/soowoop 3.odd morsel/fobb deep 4.hroi/hroi 5.rfx45/I me mine 6.bob_gnarly/sour grapes 7.bdeuce22/$20 donator 8.thats.mana/thats.mana 9.steveb lets get this all squared away by today guys draft is tomorrow at 10 am. Giants mana!
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Just paid for myself and bdeuce22. Please let me know if you got the 40$
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^ got it ryan, thanks man.
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sent. Go Giants!!
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Go Giants.

You fucked 'em, Bucky.
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Live draft in 30, who'll be there?
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me. i've been doing research, but don't laugh at my picks. haha. i haven't followed the nba this close in a long time.
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fuck, sick off my ass but I'm awake.
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Good draft! About an hour isn't bad for a league this big. Some scary teams. Looking forward to some h2h beatdowns
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Mikey, my fault, my league name is "I Me Mine" not "SCRUBS", thats my name on the other league.
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here's my lineup - in before poal PG - Chris Paul SG - John Salmons G - Rajon Rondo G - Devin Harris SF - Terrence Williams PF - Al Horford F - Anthony Randolph F - Chris Andersen C - Marc Gasol C - Andrew Bogut Util - Tony Parker Util - Ramon Sessions Util - Ronnie Brewer Bench - Louis Williams Bench - Ty Lawson Bench - Ben Wallace this was an interesting draft. i knew the sleepers would all go because the league is so deep, but i wasn't prepared for how early they went. i always seem to lack quality swingman options in drafts, and this was no exception. my SG and SF positions are absolutely terrible, but i'm very happy with my PG/PF/C positions. looking to contend in the defensive categories and assists, but i'll be terrible in 3-pointers and TO's
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Pretty good, CP3 will be a beast this year.

As for the league, it seemed very deep but overall, it isn't that bad. There are a lot of good picks on the FA list right now, I can drop 2-3 of my bench players and pick up others on that list. It'll be a good season.
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bah, haven't been on SF for a bit, and i missed this post and the league, >.<
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