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It didn't say what kind of $22k watch Hunter bought for Fisher. Probably a fucking Hublot
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

It didn't say what kind of $22k watch Hunter bought for Fisher. Probably a fucking Hublot

the joke was it was a symbolic Fossil watch.
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as a Knicks fan, I don't care about the the 22K to Fisher but the 28K to Charles Smith angry.gif
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the strength of the triangle is that it can mask individual deficiencies by constant motion. the weakness of the triangle is if the motion isn't constant, it really amplifies those deficiencies. if the ball gets stuck, all of a sudden it's one guy dribbling and four guys standing around. if carmelo can be persuaded to give up the ball, it could be interesting. but that is quite a bet, as far as i'm concerned. on the other hand, if there's anyone who could persuade him to do it, it would be jackson.
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Originally Posted by LawrenceMD View Post

whats sad is how damn corrupt the last Player's Union head was:
I don't know how this affects past corruption, but Fisher and Hunter were absolute nemeses by the end of Hunter's term as head of the union. I think Fisher tried to depose Hunter and then Hunter had Fisher fired and then Fisher sued Hunter, or something like this.

Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

Its not impossible to see a 2015/2016 Knicks starting five of Calderon (or a Dragic), smith/shump/thj, melo/milsap/gasol.
I'm honestly not trying to be a smart ass, but when was the last time NY signed a big name FA that they really wanted? The situation is prob better w/ Phil there, but it's yet to be determined how much.
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well if Melo will fit in the Kobe system it would be enough if he had someone to get the rebound and he will still get two championships, no passing

but then again he doesn't have Bynum, Gasol and Odom he has this guy icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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interesting, because one thing i think has been overlooked (mainly because of the bad choices he made since), was the impact odom made on the triangle. in many ways, he was the ideal triangle player (along with gasol). he was a tough rebounder, could slash when called for and could also hit the outside jumper. an argument could be made that the laker implosion was caused as much by his absence as it was by the failure of DH to play to expectations. Odom was a headcase sometimes, but he was a key part of that team.
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You can easily argue that the Lakers won their championship against the Celtics because of Odom.
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I'd argue they won because of Pau he was the best of the trio and almost equaled Bryant at times, he was at his best in those playoffs, I had him before Howard as best C back then. Also since he came to LAL they made 3 straight trips to the finals, but were cannon fodder before.

Anyway Bynum, Gasol, Odom were a inside presence with sheer size and rebounding they were much like Parish, McHale, Bird... and it is way EASIER to win with a dominant frontcourt. Sad how Odom and Bynum are done now frown.gif
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interesting. i think you could easily argue that the lakers wouldn't have won that championship without Odom, but I agree that gasol was probably the difference maker in the final series. and, of course, trading kwame brown for pau gasol ... i still remember when i heard that news on teh radio, i pulled my car to the side of the road, parked and called my wife (yes, ms. fg does/did love her lakers, too). like a municipal holiday. seems unbelievable how quickly it all went to shit.
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Well I was talking about game 7 where odom pretty much picked up the slack of a struggling Bryant especially in that 3rd quarter and entering the fourth. I think Odom only had like 7pts and 7 rebs that night but they were all crucial to stay ahead of the Celtics. At least that's how I remember it unless I am mistaking it for another game?

Lots of key factors to them winning the overall series for sure but w/o Odom in that game 7, I am not sure the Lakers would be raising the trophy at the end of that night.
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San Antonio has a pentagon offense. (Not that I'm objective smile.gif)
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Bynum didn't even play in the first Finals against the Celtics. Lakers should of had a 3peat. Who knows how many Finals the Lakers would of reached if it wasn't for Mr. Glass. Shame.
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May be a while till we see another...smile.gif
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