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nah just tweeted at him. he actually answers a lot of dumb questions on twitter, not really sure why
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wha? i'mma follow him right now and ask him dumb questions like who is better tony parker or IT2 and if delonte west deserves a roster spot in the nba
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

Most of all, Butler doesn't take shit from no one


deserves to be requoted
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btw i asked zach lowe why houston's not going after bledsoe and he just said they don't have cap room. i totally forgot about the ariza contract, but it looks like that's why they can't afford anyone else in the double digits.
kahn's not there anymore, he got fired. i guess it's flip saunders making all the decisions now.

Good point. Now they have the guy who decided that hiring Flip Saunders to coach the team making decisions. That'll work out well. I love that fact that Flip is so full of hubris that he thought to himself, "We need a coach who can lead this team to the postseason and that will convince Kevin to stay long term, and that coach".
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Houston is going to be so much fun to watch next year, I am predicting McHale out before the All Star break and at least one public 'fight" between Harden and Howard:
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wow dirks pay cut let the mavs sign a ton of free agents. jameer nelson to mavs for $6 mill for 2 years. aminu, devin harris, richard jefferson, jameer nelson, chandler parsons, greg smith. plus they got tyson chandler and raymond felton coming from the knicks trade. whole new team and they're stacked at the 1
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If I was Dirk I'd have mixed feelings about how the Mavs spent "my" money. I know he loves Tyson and Devin Harris, so he'll be happy about that for sure, and Parsons is a very nice piece. But the rest of that list looks like the pupu platter of suck
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jameer nelson? he was pretty good last year. and aminu has spacing issues, but he had put up solid contributions. dunno about greg smith. richard jefferson should provide some spacing. they just bought a whole bench and they're pretty decent

they need somebody to replace the D matrix left behind

also its not like the mavs are a destination location. gotta get what they can take
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Greg Smith is a big body that will bang and get some rebounds. He is not going to provide offense unless its put backs but Dirk,Chandler and Monta should be good for 70 points, they just need another 25-30 pts from the other 7 guys and some defense. I like what Dallas has done, barring injury they should make some noise this season.
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hahhahhahahha lakers offer byron scott the job. i have to assume he'll take it, what the hell else is he doing? 4th team's the charm!!
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^ Lakers are looking whack.
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cool basketball vid, the best ive seen this month
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right in the feels

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kobe, drunk in his house, alone, looking at smush parker's contact in his phone, thinking, hesitating......
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