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bosh is gay.
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i don't think the gheys allow in members without chins.
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He learned that move from Fisher and Ginobili
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post
He learned that move from Fisher and Ginobili

He was certainly inspired by Fish and Manu, but judging by the subtle flick of the chin, the ref-distracting up-swinging arm movements, the painful-looking crumpling of the knees, the body acting as if he had been hit by 3 Mack trucks rather than 1/100th of Boozer's elbow...he spent a LOT of time with Vlade this past summer.
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that was so dam funny

'who's team?'
'oh sorry, our team.'
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oh that is great! Howard w/ 40 pts?
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and 6 blocks
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Kobe and Shannon Got to give it to the guy, Kobe is straight killer on the court. Love LeBron and his intensity but Kobe is skills + finesse
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lebron is like one of those old Detroit muscle cars. kobe is a lambourghini.
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first game with Green was ok...

the weird thing is that they were running delonte west/KG/Davis/Ray Allen/ and Green in a triangle like offense in the 4th.

then they brought in pierce and rondo (for green and west) and ran two man sets with a ton of back doors as per usual.

i guess I see what they are trying to do with Green. a more seamless 2nd unit offensively. still its going to be iffy when dwight howard/bynum/noah start pounding inisde.
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Heat shit the bed again. Two thirds of the season is over...I think if you've not figured it out by now, then we shouldn't expect you to in the playoffs. The Knicks played the sloppiest basketball ive seen in a long time (to be expected with their PG and second option just joining the team) and they still beat the Heat at AA Arena
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Fucking LOL.
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