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If Kobe couldn't win with smush I don't see how Duncan could
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Del wasn't that bad. Sorry.
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

I always figured HRoi was the LBJ apologist on here

Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

no just the heats apologist
I still got love for Lebron, he and his mates brought relevance and two parades to the city. But he's not on my team anymore. Like I said, hopefully he brings the haters with him so I no longer need to be an "apologist" lol8[1].gif
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Swaggys gon swag!

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god houston got soooo totally fucked. they're in deep shit now. team's gonna be worse than last year and they don't have any way to substantially improve (barring a trade for love, but they have no assets).

happy and shocked about the lbj news. interesting thing is that he basically has to stay on cleveland for the rest of his career. it wouldn't make any sense to leave from a public image standpoint. he's taking a gigantic risk in going there.

LOL wade got so screwed.
Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

What is with all of this saviour of basketball/ return of the King crap??

Why don't people call it what it is? He left an aging Heat team for a younger, more promising core in the Cavs. The team he left Miami for just happens to be his home town.
lol this is such bs. the cavs won 33 fucking games last year. if he wanted to chase rings as much as possible he would have gone to chicago or houston. if he stayed in miami they would have been eastern favorites easy. instead he goes to a team that post-reg season everyone unilaterally proclaimed had fucked up their roster so badly that there was no way lebron was gonna join. yet he went anyway, and he can basically never leave.
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uh vince carter to grizzlies..


he's going to be 40 when his contract ends
true but he was still sneakily pretty good last year! he gives much-needed shooting and some tricky passing. i like the signing a lot for this year, at least. the 3rd year is only partially guaranteed which helps a bit.
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You really think if Mike Brown was still coaching, and they didn't have all those top 5 picks he'd be homesick? Yeah, right. Fucking chump!

I remember Duncan at one point was close to bolting to Orlando to play with Grant Hill, and Tracy McGrady, and decided to stay in the West.

Tim Duncan is a fucking warrior!! That motherfucker puts Lebron to shame.
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

frown.gif i don't like simmons writing style. i just kinda skimmed it.

yeah i watched that jordan clip. stockton has such pretty shooting form.

+1. I feel like he tries to take a free form approach, almost as if he just recorded his article and had google transcribe it into a doc. Prefer him on podcast
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Yeah I like listening to Simmons. Just don't like reading him. Comes off as a try hard
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Well, he sucks mainly because he's a Boston sports fan tongue.gif
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i don't know why he comes off as try hard in his writing. he sounds very earnest and honest and more of a super fan boy type on podcasts and videos.
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It seems like Brothersport is the real LBJ apologist on here believing that LeBron went to back Cleveland out of the kindness of his heart. Not the fact that he'd be surrounded by Danny Granger (bad blood since Indy days; injury risk) and McRoberts (who gave him a clothesline not too long ago). Do I even have to mention Wade, Haslem, Birdman, etc.??

Cavs are at the top right now to make the Finals next year btw. I wonder, is it because of LeBron or that amazing roster the Heats have?
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Maybe I'm naive, but I honestly believe LeBron never wanted to leave Cleveland. He saw that Cleveland was in no man's land -- not bad enough to draft an All-Star running mate and not good enough to do anything in the playoffs -- and he didn't want to end up the Best NBA Player Never To Win A Title. So he left. Four years later, LeBron's place in NBA history is set and the Cavaliers, through the Commissioner's fixsheer dumb luck have a nice nucleus of young players. So it's a win-win for everybody.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

Best NBA Player Never To Win A Title

Let's list names:

- AI
- T-Mac


- Steve Francis??
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How does NBA TV (the channel) work? I thought it was pay only. I happened to accidentally tune to it this morning and it was airing a summer league game. I know I don't subscribe. Anyone know?
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Best player never to win a ring was Elgin Baylor
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MVPs Barkley, Nash, Malone, Iverson and x4 scoring champ Gervin that would be that 1st tier of players but there are so many more frown.gif
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