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indesertum's right. not on the all-start team. thank d'antoni. i think of all the lakers, pau suffered most from mda's insistence on running his usual program and his refusal to adapt to the personnel he had. idiot.
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I know seriously. D'antoni is a total idiot. I think he had solid reasoning behind not having pau post up but it clearly was not working the way he envisioned but he refused to change
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Yeah, sorry you're right. I was watching footage from this year's ASG and I saw a big white bearded guy on the West team. I looked closer and it turned out to be Kevin Love. My b.

I still think Gasol can play, though. He could be like Tim Duncan if his next coach manages his minutes and he stays healthy.
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All white people do look alike especially if bearded so it's not really your fault.
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If you care about PER ratings Pau still has it and hovers around 20. Guys like McRoberts are 13
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He still put up 17-9 last year, not bad. Gasol is still a very good player. He was always more effective as a center playing him heavy minutes on PF is idd idiotic.

I guess whole Pau to NYK move is more to give make Melo stay not the ultimate move to get the championship.
Melo is less likely to stay if he has to endure another year like 2013-2014. He wants to be in playoffs now. Getting Pau would adress and when they target younger star FA in a year or two, Gasol can be that 3rd/4th guy, still having some value.

Question could they get him. They would have to dump Bargs and JR (or AMare if someone is dumb enough to take him) and try to keep Shumpert and Hardaway so they still stay decent. if Melo stays and gets a small paycut they could maybe offer him 8-9 per year. Or try to sign and trade Bargs for him if Melo resigns.
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Only way pau goes to knicks is if they offer him a billion dollar for 29 year contract. He's said multiple times he wants to be with lakers forever. Remember all the almost trades?

Pau's best years were as playing a four I feel like. He can bang bodies but that soft touch around the rim and that midrange shot was what made him awesome.

He's lost a step on defense and every year he gets pushed out further from the basket. I feel like it's time for pau to play role player. He can get by as the starting four and maybe five but it won't be pretty. More and more fours have that three shot and pau I feel is no longer nimble enough to step to the three line. But he's prolly decent enough. With randle covering the 5 I feel like it'd be ok. Randle can be paus bodyguard and cover the fives so he doesn't have to bang bodies as much

Is wojt my sf nemesis? I feel like we disagree on everything
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rockets offer bosh $100 million for 4 years

why not offer kevin love that much?

also i've been too busy this july 4th weekend to reply to the IT2 vs parker posts. i wrote a long reply twice on my phone but got distracted a few times and iPhone safari resets the page if you don't use it for awhile (grrr). i'll still probably wrote one tho. i feel like there were some good posts made, but also some that weren't very well thought out
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don't worry about it, you were wrong anyway tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

rockets offer bosh $100 million for 4 years

why not offer kevin love that much?
well what are they gonna offer? parsons? theyre prob gonna have to trade a pick to get rid of lin so i dunno if they would have the picks available to beat gsw's potential offer.

also bosh plays better defense than love. I like bosh as a fit a lot for them actually.

but i agree that people are sleeping on love. he's like a top 5 or so player. gsw is foolish imo for not trading klay for him.
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wow didn't realize it's that bad Amare 23/yr Bargs 11 :S

but Bargs in expiring they could do Bargs+picks/youngplayer for Gasol using third team and picks
or they could use MLE and sign and trade him with J.R Smith for example
so sign melo to max and then trade using Bargs or MLEplayer/Larkin/Hardaway/picks etc maybe some team with cap space would bite on that

or you can't do that under new CBA ??
or maybe Gasol could take 5 - 12.5 -12.5 3yrs/30mil deal? Or is that cheating :P ?

Pau/Amare/Melo/SG/Calderon would be a fun team to watch
yea there's a limit to the % that your salary can jump each year, so that contract is not possible.

it's not really possible for them to trade bargs and keep their draft picks and it looks like phil wants to amass draft picks when possible. if they keep melo i don't think it's possible, even if they trade bargs, to sign gasol to a decent deal. he'd basically be forced to take a big pay cut to join the knicks, like mle level. but if you're doing that wouldn't you just join okc instead?
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Channing Frye signs with Orlando for 4 years, $32 million. It really sucks that small-market teams have to overpay in order to lure free agents...
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Originally Posted by diadem View Post

Channing Frye signs with Orlando for 4 years, $32 million. It really sucks that small-market teams have to overpay in order to lure free agents...

its like a semi-bad fantasy player auction only ITS REAL LIFE YO!

it sounds like an "over pay" but he's a center who can shoot and doesn't have one leg shorter than the other, and isn't kendrick perkins so the going rate for anything else is near 10million a year.
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I don't think it's a terrible deal and Orlando has the cap space and not a lot of people they can spend on. They do need a stretch four
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Bosh a max deal? OMG what are they thinking. He's a buffoon if he doesn't take it.
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Brothersport is kind of right tho. They need a mobile stretch four that can D and bosh is exactly that. He's also still amazing in the interior.
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