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Originally Posted by wojt View Post

he reminds me a bit of Latrell Spreewell

Bad news: he says you remind him a bit of PJ Carlesimo.
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Refresh my memory. Only thing I can recall is his shoe lace untying stunt

Stephenson is on a whole nother level with his antics rn
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he did the shoelace thing twice, the marijuana suspension, the pipe, the headband, the ill advised shots (knicks ahead last possession shoots a 3 type stuff)
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LOL yeah the headband i forgot about. good call

Stephenson should take a page out of his book and do that to LeBron
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He was quite crazy, he trashed talked a lot and played with a lot of character and confidence. He was also an all around wing, 6-5 and could drive, shot, rebound, pass much like Lance. He choked his coach and upon his return to NY with wolves he scored 31 and barked at Knicks bench and coaching staff the whole game, got fined etc.

Lance has this edge that Spree played with, but so far with less negative vibe I think.
Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post

Bad news: he says you remind him a bit of PJ Carlesimo.

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i tried to find the video of stephenson blowing in lebron's ear, but couldn't. maybe one of you kids will have better google-fu.
sprewell was much more a jr smith kind of crazy -- on the very edge of dangerous (or over the edge if you ask carlesimo!). stephenson seems much more of a SF-type troll. kind of funny, very annoying.
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He knows LBJ wants it
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Hilarious. Stephenson is pretty awesome. I can see how Larry Bird likes him more than any of his other players.
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Except they are not sure about resigning him.
Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson is a conundrum. He's capable of brilliance in pressure-packed playoff situations, and he's prone to decisions, with the ball in his hands or with microphones in his face, that leave his teammates wondering what he was thinking. A few months ago, he was an All-Star candidate, and a report from ESPN's Brian Windhorst and Mike Wells indicates that feeling snubbed from the team changed him.

Teammates reportedly noticed Stephenson being selfish and trying to prove an individual point, and he sometimes wasn't present during late-season team meetings when Indiana was teetering. He'll be an unrestricted free agent in July and, at 23 years old, is due for a big payday that the Pacers are wary of giving him, according to ESPN:
Despite Stephenson's tantalizing talents, sources said there are many in the organization who don't think it's a good decision to give him a rich, long-term contract, given the way he has acted during the season.

This is a tricky situation. Stephenson was a second-round pick in 2010, which is why he's hitting unrestricted free agency so soon. Players as talented and young as him usually aren't available without their original teams being able to match offers. Indiana is short on depth, and it's hard to imagine a scenario in which he walks for nothing and the team finds a way to make up for it in the short term. The ideal situation for the Pacers would probably be to keep him, with a contract not as rich as it looked like it'd be earlier in the season.

That would be done with the hope that any lingering chemistry issues could be smoothed over, and no one outside of that circle can be sure of how significant those issues were. Other teams might still be willing to offer Stephenson a lot of money, so Indiana has a big decision to make.
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I'd be tempted to let him walk, either for a great offer or if another team signs him to a big offer sheet. Too erratic, too divisive to hang your team's entire hopes upon. Plus I feel that his teammates are already tired of his shit.

I agree that the trolling is entertaining, though
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that whole team is erratic. george, hibbert ... even west, whom i've always liked a lot. i keep wondering whether it's that they're a young team on the rise, which sometimes leads to situations they may not be experienced dealing with, or whether it's something deeper.
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Paul George still has too many mental blocks at this point, he's had too many bad stretches where he would just bomb in games. He is still very young though and could develop to be the next #1 guy but after seeing him the second half of this season, I am not so sure anymore. Ceiling is high but I am just not sure it is Lebron/Kobe caliber anymore, I hope I am proven wrong.
yea i agree totally w/ this. talking more about ceiling than anything. i mean, ceiling alone, it seems crazy to say, but doesn't he have the highest potential of any 2 or 3 in the league? Excluding LBJ/Durant, obviously. Only one close is Harden, who is a much better passer and ball handler, but much worse defender. Not LBJ/Kobe level, but maybe consistent 2nd-team all-NBA level.
Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

I'd be tempted to let him walk, either for a great offer or if another team signs him to a big offer sheet. Too erratic, too divisive to hang your team's entire hopes upon. Plus I feel that his teammates are already tired of his shit.

I agree that the trolling is entertaining, though
the issue w/ letting him walk is that they're losing a giant chunk of their production and rotation and there's not really many avenues they can use to replace it. George and Hibbert are both getting the mini-max, Hill and West are making like $10 mil each iirc, they can't outright sign an impact FA and there aren't really any in that category anyway. I think the best case scenario for IND is that everyone else lowballs Stephenson, knowing his antics and erratic behavior, and esp how he might bomb in an environment away from Larry Bird, and they can get him on the cheap for like $8 mil per.
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Those actions don’t suggest that the team was super-serious about keeping him. But with less than a week to go before the October 31 extension deadline, the Thunder stepped up with a new offer: four years, about $55.5 million — only about $4.5 million less than Harden is earning over the first four seasons of his max deal with Houston. By all accounts, that was a real offer, not a face-saving gesture. The Thunder wanted Harden to take it.

The Thunder at that moment had chosen to keep both Harden and Ibaka. If they were willing to go so close to Harden’s maximum, it’s borderline irrational they wouldn’t go the whole distance. Is $1.1 million per season really worth sending away a star for Kevin Martin and three unknown assets?
But $1.1 million … yeesh. And here’s the amazing thing: The cap and tax levels have jumped so fast since the Harden deal that now it appears the Thunder could have re-signed Harden at the max and potentially paid the tax in just one season — the current 2013-14 campaign.

read the article for deets, but that was essentially what i was arguing
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Nice. Steve Ballmer new Clippers owner
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