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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

i genuinely like the dude. he's a mobile big who can defend and can score around the basket and boxes out dudes hards getting good rebounds. he also has a knack for getting into trouble, but never complains or bitches about anything. never talks back. just walks away. he was pretty decent on griffin.

I like the guy too. He's strong as an ox. Should have replaced Perkins as a starter when he got hurt earlier in the season. But Brooks is very stubborn with his starting lineups.

He's mobile, works hard. He's physically very impressive when you compare him to Frankensteins like Hibbert and Robin Lopez. He's also got a bit of a Bill Laimbeer streak in him and sets guys off.
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I don't think any of you like the guy more than Kerr does though. Man, seems like he can go on for days about him
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

Do people genuinely like Adams?? It seems everyone these days is in love with the guy and want him to get a reaction out of everyone. Just confused because I don't get the hype. confused.gif Z-Bo should have went all out imo

Pop will have Adams foul out every game. just a matter of how early.
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Originally Posted by rnoldh View Post

Pop will have Adams foul out every game. just a matter of how early.

The kid does have the 12 to 20 min a night mentality around fouls, that's true.

With that OKC offense, he's also developing a form of 'learned helplessness' around opportunities to score. A few times in that last game against the LAC, he either had a scoring position that he didn't exploit, made no effort to ask for the ball, or passed out of a promising moment. He needs pick a few moments to be assertive. He looks like he could develop a scoring touch.
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

what can the clips even do in the offseason to beat okc or the spurs next year? i honestly don't see a lot of options. improve the bench even more???? they already have one of the best benches in the league. what did they even do badly? i just feel like they had scoring slumps occasionally, but otherwise were pretty brilliant

Honestly just more time to play with each other is improvement enough. Docs system is like night and day in comparison to VDN and there are a lot of defense switches to learn. I mean they were really close to winning that series, two blown leads (one where everything that could go wrong, went wrong) and one great comeback. Maybe a different frontcourt bench, Big Baby is just too slow and just has no athleticism, so many time sin that series where RW would just drive and jump in Big Baby's body, absorb the hit and get a 3 point play. Hollins is like McGee Jr., dude just isn't always there so that is Clips big weakness when Blake and Jordan sits or are in foul trouble. Granger (if he stays?) being healthy will help a lot too, he isn't as mobile and was a detriment in the defensive end this season because he just can't keep up, feels like dude fouled KD almost every time he had to defend him. Deandre developing a little offense (he doesn't really need to be an offensive monster) to contribute 4-5 pts a game would be big.

Those and maturity (stop complaining every non-calls and stop holding on to it the rest of the game) is really what will bring them to the next echelon and closer to a chip, the roster is pretty solid as it is.
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Those are all great points

I think probably the most pressing need is a solid 3rd big

Dude they should get hawes. Hawes offers rim protection as a 5 and can also play a stretch 4 with deandre as a 5. His 3 point shot is pretty decent

I just don't know if they can offer hawes a good contract but after playing for Philly and cavs dude has got to want to play for a real team with a good system
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Big Baby is a pretty solid big. Mental toughness/experience is their biggest issue, they should have been able to at least force a game 7. JJ played out of his mind, I'm not sure they can count on that going forward, maybe try to find another 2 guard.
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Big Baby is good and competitive but I just don't think his body can do what he wants it to do. Like he isn't going to block shots and he was not as good at taking charges with the Clips as he was in Boston. He also had a lot of offensive fouls and most of them are on screens, he just bullldozes people and the call goes to him. He just isn't tall enough to go against more athletic 4s and 5s these days, maybe if he is a bit more in shape?

If Granger is healthy, they can usually play him at the 4 but he just can't run fast or jump high enough to be considered he hesitates too much. If he can be 85%-90% of his old self, he'd be very useful. I'd say the same goes for Hedo but I don't think he can just be that same Hedo we saw in Orlando, the Turkish Jordan. lol8[1].gif

Redick and Crawford are a solid 2 guard, don't think that needs more with Willie Green being like 3rd/4th back-up. Collison plays 2 most of the time next to CP3 as well so a new 2 guard will not get any PT. Doc just like the defense combo of CP3 and Collison. Redick is also a very good spot up shooter which the Clips really need, wish Dudley was more consistent, he knocked those deadly 3s with the Suns.
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big baby is like blob from the brotherhood of evil mutants
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

big baby is like blob from the brotherhood of evil mutants

Kendrick Perkins can provide some competition.

Oliver Miller had to be the fattest player to ever play in the NBA. Credit though, the kid could move with that weight in Phoenix but after a few years he just kept growing and was a disaster.

"Big Snacks" Jones has to be in that conversation if we're going there. Add Michael Sweetney and Robert Traylor to that list.
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Big baby is almost literally a blob. He can stop penetration but he can't move fast enough to close out shooters and docs defense can sometimes call for rotations. Offensively he's kind of a liability and he clogs the lane
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Big Baby was freaking horrible on the Clips this year, RFX knows whats up. indesertum is right too. They need that 3rd big, they need a defensive 1/2 so Paul doesn't have to do everything, and they're set. They were just about as much of a title contender than anyone else this year.

Another year for DAJ offensively AND defensively, a year of incremental Blake improvement, and they're set.

Honestly I don't think they really need Crawford, as long as everyone stays healthy. Just sucks up inefficient shots against great defenses and doesn't defend better than Redick.

I think the one thing ppl like more about Adams is that he doesn't flop (yet). I feel like there's little difference in the styles of, say, Reggie Evans and Adams, except that Evans flops everywhere. Adams' main role is as an instigator, but he never flops. But he aggravates his opponent just as much, or maybe even more. I wonder what his ceiling is. We haven't seen a single example of any jump shot or post game so far, so who knows if he can ever develop that.
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Mark Jackson has already returned to commentate on ESPN on a multiyear deal. Cant imagine he got too much interest on the coaching market given how quick he came back. I also assume that means Phil didn't want him.
Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Most of those news are from CBSSports.
I don't have too much familiarity w/ cbssports tbh. i think yahoo is pretty amazing at accurate scoops and reporting though.
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Originally Posted by Brothersport View Post

Honestly I don't think they really need Crawford, as long as everyone stays healthy. Just sucks up inefficient shots against great defenses and doesn't defend better than Redick.

No way do I agree with this. Crawford is instant offense, secure ball handler and a decent passer. Why would any team not want a second unit scorer of his ability? I don't think a singe team in the league would pass him up.
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Alright I exaggerated a bit. He has his uses but I think his spot and contract on the team would be better served going to a 3rd big or better defender. His skills are at least a little bit replicated by Redick and Collison and his weaknesses are as well, and he gets paid a decent amount. The stuff he provides is less useful in the playoffs, I think, cuz teams can zero in on him on defense and Paul's gonna be on the court more so his instant offense isn't as essential.
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