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Lebron is freaking ridiculous in the post. Impossible. Do you remember that only 2-3 years ago that was his biggest criticism??

The more I think about it the more I think Bosh is almost a uniquely perfect fit for this team, to the point where I can't think of a single big man they'd definitely trade him for (besides Anthony Davis at this point). But he's so great on defense now, and his team mentality is so essential for them. But as LBJ goes more into the post, Bosh has stepped his outside shot up more, to the point where he's a passable, and more importantly willing, 3-pt shooter. Sure he could score more, and you want more rebs, but he takes on a greater load when Wade is out and IIRC they always rebound better w/ him on the court. I can't think of a single big at this moment offering his level of outside shooting + rim protection.

(I know Bosh didn't have a great game today shog[1].gif)
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I watched MIA - BLN, even thought it was close in the 4th, it was obvious to me all game long that Miami was simply getting easier shots and would win. This same thing happened last year in the series vs Indiana. Brooklyn worked real hard, but just had too much to do.
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Yah, go Lebron! redface.gif
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Originally Posted by Brothersport View Post

Btw Chris Broussard tweeted that his "sources" said
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so is "journalism" smile.gif

Chris Broussard is an awful rumor-monger. His sources are whatever fits his already-written story.

Anyway y'all, we saw a GOAT last night.
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Chiming in that as I watched the BKN-MIA game last night it also occurred to me that I was witnessing something special. LeBron seems to be raising his game in his late twenties and I'm looking forward to the Spurs-Miami series.

I wonder what will happen this off-season? I could imagine Wade staying with MIA in a reduced role (with lesser financial cost), but I also feel LeBron - Bosh are the real lynchpins now. They don't really need to spend too much on a distributor since LeBron can create his own shots and is such an adept ball handler. I like what Bosh brings in terms of spacing, and in a weird sense I feel his lean game complements LeBron's beefy one very well.
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The Nets are a freaking arrow? I'm guessing all of the purple represent Lakers fans.
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Gortat alert: he's outrebounded Indiana ON HIS OWN.
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How do you say: " bitch better pay me now!" in Polish?
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I haven't been able to watch any games this week frown.gif
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Iffy endgame officiating but big choke by Paul.
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WoW. Clips just got robbed by the refs.

The out of bounds review was obviously out on Jackson.

And CP3s foul on Curry was more obvious than CP3s touch foul on Russy.

And they didn't even bother calling when CP3 was fouling Ibaka in the end, there was like 1-2 seconds left.

CP3s fault for not taking the foul though and always trying to get a 3 shot foul. Just take the ball and hold it and don't try to shoot a 3 when they are going to foul.
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Russ "redeeming" himself. Imagine the criticism if he wasn't given those free throws SMH
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Great game for Westbrook.

Ballsy of KD to take those shots in the final quarter after a horrendous night.
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

Russ "redeeming" himself. Imagine the criticism if he wasn't given those free throws SMH

Yeah but with 11 seconds left the ball was called out of bounds on LAC. It was clear on review to me and the announcers it was out on OKC and should have been LAC ball. Does anyone think it was called correctly?

With the right call, Westbrook doesn't get his 3 foul shots.

Different call almost certainly results in a different winner.
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