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Originally Posted by Brothersport View Post

Lol i dont think anyone knows what they're gonna get outta Hibbert at this point...

Absolutely unbelievable. You think he would get at least one rebound just by accident!
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Zone D has some disadvantages against teams prepared to play against it. A zone has to spread itself very thin to defend good 3pt shooting. It has a couple of inherently weak areas, like attacks from the top of the key will almost always result in an open pull- up, or a dump off to an open man on the baseline; and quick Princeton style back cuts are very effective against zones. You can also attack zones more effectively by starting your attacks in the weakest wing defender's zone - so you can't necessarily hide weak defenders.

It is more effective at rim protection and packing the paint though - but NBA teams employ modified zones anyway when the situation demands it. The most recent example of this was Memphis packing the paint and shading all five guys towards KD when he had the ball. No idea why Indiana continues to refuse to use it, though. They certainly have the personnel to run it, although I would attack it by spacing the floor and having my best player constantly drive at George Hill's zone

with half the league thinking they are 3-point specialists, I wouldn't overprotect the 3, even open 3s.
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Hibberts done this last season too. He didn't do shit the first three quarters of the season and then stepped it up late in the season in the playoffs. I guess this year it was the reverse
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

Yep. And lose in the first round of the playoffs.
and please. I don't want Mike D'Antoni
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

I think if you're Indiana, you just can't win any series without something from Hibbert. Yes, they won the last series but Atlanta gave two games away, Indiana really should be home. Hibbert may lay a goose egg again but you have to try and adjust as a coach and put your best players in situations where they can be effective. He won't get out a slump sitting on the bench. The Pacers play deliberate, they averaged 96 points game (93 post all star game) on 80 shots. The Wiz average 100 ppg (103 post all star) on 85 shots. For the Pacers to win, I think they have to keep the Wiz to a mid 90's ppg average. Running up and down the court putting up 85+ shots benefits the younger/faster Wiz. The Pacers could counter with a small lineup including Copeland/Turner and benihana (:huh:) for West/Hibbert and Hill but those guys are not defensive players, you might get more points but you'll probably give up more also. And Vogel has shown a stubborness to change anyway (and you are right, I doubt they practice the zone). So they should try and get the Wiz to play the Pacers type game. Again, go with a zone, protect the rim and protect your weaknesses (lack of speed/defense from West/Hibbert) make Wall/Ariza/Beal bomb from far and Nene/Gortat turn into mid range shooters. If they shoot the lights out, you tip your hat to them.
I see what you mean, I just disagree. If the team isn't playing together well now, imagine the miscommunications when randomly trotting out a zone D. I don't think that's a situation where George OR Hibbert can most be effective. They just have to hope that they play better.

IND and WAS were literally next to each other in pace this year, and IND has George and Stephenson, a one-man fast break. I don't think a faster pace is a significant advantage (if any) for WAS.

Beal shot a high-volume 40% from 3 this year, Ariza shot a higher-volume 41% from 3. I get the concept of making them take longer shots, tipping your cap, but zone = easier shots, and that extra point is worth quite a lot. It's not the same as forcing someone to shoot open long 2s. Atlanta should have beaten them using primarily the you really want to encourage Washington to do the same, while making it easier for them?
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Spurs blazers is basically the same as spurs mavs. Same with wizards pacers and wizards hawks
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mark jackson deserved better. whatever you think of his announcing style. it'll be interesting to see what curry does, since he was so vocal in support.
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This made me laugh:

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Short of winning the chip, it seems like Jackson was out no matter what. Meanwhile, McHale is still there after back to back first round exits
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Nets will be looking to sweep the Heat again.
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Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

Nets will be looking to sweep the Heat again.

Too bad the Pelicans couldn't make the playoffs lol8[1].gif
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I am for the dog in the Brooklyn - Miami series.

So let's go Nets.

I hope they win or at least stretch series to 7.
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Originally Posted by flyindarkness View Post

and please. I don't want Mike D'Antoni

nelly? smile.gif
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post

nelly? smile.gif

whats the difference confused.gif

Its funny how a lot of these owners, that make so much money in their businesses, can be so stupid when it comes to basketball decisions. Jackson gets fired but Casey gets a three year extension??
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Casey brought the Raptors to the playoffs though and that is after they traded Gay and everyone thought they were going to go the Sixers route but no they made 3rd seed in the East, yes it's the East but that was still homecourt in the playoffs and they were one shot away from moving to the second round in a game 7. If he is actually in good terms with the staff and owners, then it's no surprise.

Reading some reports, it seemed like Jackson was a dick to everyone who wasn't a player. Dude supposedly just yells at his staffs and even fired Scalebrine (asst coach) in front of everyone during practice. So there was some behind the scene trouble brewing and more and more dirt will likely come out in a few days.
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