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Ibaka's dunk was great, but nobody is ever going a good score for a FT line dunk in the post-Brent Barry world...especially if they don't dribble. It's been done to death, so the degree of difficulty is ignored.

I'm a little mad that Blake bailed on his first dunk after two attempt. The two misses were reverse 360, two-handed WINDMILLS. He dropped the windmill on the make.
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B Diddy was going crazy last night, looked like Griff kicked him during the dunk in this pic.

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Now for my thoughts on the dunk contest. As stated last night, big men just isn't going to be too impressive unless they think outside the box. Howard won because of his Superman antics, hell Howards last dunk when he won wasn't even considered a dunk. McGee got a well deserved 50 on the double dunk but the rest just didn't look impressive until you see it on replay and slow-mo. Ibakas free throw just looked horrible, he may have jumped farther than MJ but MJ cocked it back and kicked his foot and just looked amazing, Ibaka looked stiff and on first showing it even looked like he missed. Blake on the other hand was just great visually and you can hear his dunks so you get it from more than just watching. I agree Blake didn't have the best dunk but I feel like Baron messed up two of his dunks, even that car pass was horrible.

In the end, I think they should just let 4 contestants dunk 4 times and then let people vote. I have a feeling Derozan had something up his sleeves, he had arguably the best dunk of the night.
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i don't know. i just think the dunk contest is kind of silly. it's like a home run contest. the dunk is great when it's a punctuation point in a game, when there's some drama building up to it and then KABOOM!. in the contest, it's just a series of exclamation points. still, it's better than watching the 3-point contest.
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I don't think it's silly, it's a chance to show what you can do that you can't do in-game. It's just fun thing to watch. If look at it that way then the whole Saturday night event is pointless.
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i guess you're right. "silly" wasn't the right word ... maybe "a little boring" is better ... and that is the way I feel about the all-star game, too. some of the things I love most about basketball, the offensive flow, the team defense, the framework that allows the improvisation, don't have any part in it. it's a bit like watching the old harlem globetrotters. maybe i'm just cranky. i'll call iammatt.
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Was anyone else bothered by how poorly Darryl Dawkins's suit fit around the neck? Or are we just gonna let that one go?
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Originally Posted by gladhands View Post
I'm a little mad that Blake bailed on his first dunk after two attempt. The two misses were reverse 360, two-handed WINDMILLS. He dropped the windmill on the make.

Is the full dunk attempts up on youtube, just not the completed dunks? Curious to see what everyone is talking about Blake bailing on his dunk attempts.
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Daaaaaaaamn Kobe still got those hops??? LOL Melo giving as much effort entertaining the crowd on that 3-0 breakaway as he has avoiding generating all these trade rumors this season.
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In the light of day that Blake Kia dunk would be really unimpressive if you took the car and that ridiculous choir away. I've seen better in-game dunks from the man. I did like his first and third dunks though. Sager just got Kobe riled up by telling him that he's one ASG MVP away from the record, and that he's going to need to share LA with griffin from now on. I'm betting on him to get his fourth MVP tonight now. Also, lol at Doc putting all four of his Celtics in the game at once, with predictable reactions from the LA crowd
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would smash rihanna
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love how she moves those legs
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haha that leg flap?

but seriously that halftime show was pretty sweet.

now compare that to the BEP at the superbowl.
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Everyone else is fucking around, but it looks like Kobe and Lebron actually give a shit about this game
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Kobe MVP.
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