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Clippers are set up perfectly.

If they lose it was because of the distractions.

If they win they are America's team for the playoffs.

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indesertum, please break down Curry's shooting mechanics aka how is he godlike?? how do you explain such shots like when he was sandwiched between two defenders?
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Can you imagine how much shittier Houston's defense would get with harden and melo in the same team?

with Sterling out in the clippers maybe there can be a three way trade to facilitate Melo to the clippers using houston.


still you get the idea, houston will ask for 1st round draft picks and dump the poison pills on the knicks who can afford it and will love the expiring's of lin/asik anyway in 2015. houston will also get a 3pt shooter and bargnani who can spread the floor shoot 3s and play PF with howard.

knicks will have deandre jordan, asik, lin, and crawford and have a wicked fun team (if they find a way to get rid of felton) until the class of 2015 super free agents.
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

indesertum, please break down Curry's shooting mechanics aka how is he godlike?? how do you explain such shots like when he was sandwiched between two defenders?

he uses footwork and picks. also he has a quick release. curry also averages like 10 assists a game because if they close in on him from 25feet away he slashes to the rim and has the option to dish or do his improving floater. he's what the new wave analytics offensive sets have created.

steve nash in his prime had a similar game, except nash would pull up for those far away 3's in traffic/w/ defenders a lot less (because he had amare) but he still would do it. its not unprecedented.

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Love that sports science guy. I remember he broke down whether or not Gronk could have caught that ball in the Carolina game
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Originally Posted by idfnl View Post

Um, no. Don't risk sounding like a Knick fan.

Why? This is Stephensons first year averaging double digits, JR's been doing it for awhile, even with JR having an awful shooting year, he still shot 3's better than Stephenson and averaged about the same points/assists. So Stephenson's best year so far has been about equal to one of JR's mediocre years. And JR hasn't had a fistfight with teammates.
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Damn if Mark Jackson isn't the most inspiring coach in the league right now

"YOU deserve it! YOU deserve it! YOU deserve it! We all deserve it!"
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steph curry has one of the quickest release in the games (something like 0.4 seconds).

it's also imo kind of unique

he does a four finger release which is pretty unique. some of the all time greatest shooters do an index finger release. if you raise your arm in front of you, you'll notice that the index finger is the finger most in line with your arm. your other 3 fingers are off to the side. in other words your index finger is most naturally straight.

here is kobe with the ball rolling off his index finger. its hyper exaggerated to the point that his index finger touches his thumb

here is ray allen with less of an exaggeration

here is steph curry with four fingers down

nowitzki's is kind of hard to see but he shoots with his middle finger down

i wanted to show michael jordan and john stockton but i can't find a video with good enough quality to show the finger

four fingers down is harder. it's not natural. you have to rotate your hand a little bit. with practice clearly it can be effective. but i imagine you'd have to practice a lot harder to get used to your hand rotating when you shoot

curry also does 1 motion shot. 1 motion shots are more prevalent in the wnba and among people who don't have a high vertical. james harden does a 1 motion shot

notice the shot is going off as his body is going up

the alternative is a 2 motion shot, which you can see in the ray allen and kobe videos above. the ball is briefly paused at the forehead at the zenith of their jump and then released.

its kinda hard to see at first without slow motion, but once you see you can't stop seeing it.

pro to 1 motion shot is release is quicker so its harder to block. con is the release point is lower so its easier to block. if you can jump high tho you should do a 2 motion shot to make it harder to block. if you can't jump as high you want the ball to go as quickly as possible

curry is also a master of the hop. the hop is basically where you hop as you catch the ball to get in place and immediately jump. the alternative is the 1, 2 step where you walk into your jump shot

lillard does both. if you rewatch the clutch shot from yesterday you'll notice he walks into it instead of hopping into it. KD and kevin love both are masters of the hop which is a very point guard shooting guard thing to do. when kevin love does off ball movement and runs to catch the ball he'll jump into the ball and them immediately line up and shoot.

this is the perfect example of a hop. he hops into it as he catches the ball then shoots. good shooters tho will do a 1, 2 when they're dribbling the ball. curry is great at both too. hop gives you a quicker release. instead of taking two steps to get set you hop and when you're down hopping you're set.

curry's balance is incredible. good shooting form is when you jump with legs slightly apart, gather together in the air, and land in an area smaller than when you started which provides great stability.

watch westbrook jump in an area wider than he ends in

yesterday there was a moment when curry jumped facing right but mid air he switched to the left and the commentator was saying how that's normal for him and he has a weird shooting form. it's not normal. he just caught the ball awkwardly.

curry doesn't even have to do the legs together thing cuz his upper body is always so balanced. sometimes he actually finishes wider than he starts and he still makes them

incidentally paul george started shooting badly when he stopped doing the legs together thing

curry also has a nice dip. a dip is when you bring the ball down before you bring it up. it gives you rhythm and power. some college and high school coaches are against this. they'll put a hand underneath the ball when you shoot it to try and train you not to do a dip. they claim a no dip shot gets off quicker

watch ray allen get a dip in before he shoots last year's clutch shot

watch the lillard video again. he gets a dip in.

watch curry dip

the amazing thing about curry is he doesn't even need to dip sometimes. if he wants an even quicker release he'll just shoot the ball immediately

most people can't do that and get a shot in consistently.

one last thing is called the sweep and sway. it's where when you jump in the air your feet sweep underneath you and your shoulders sway back in a relaxed way kind of like a mini fadeaway. in a lot of the videos above the player's legs will be behind the line initially but end up in front of it.

curry has a sweep but it's slight. it's probably because he doesn't jump as high, but you can still see him sweep.

the alternative is jumping straight up and down, with no sweep. 1 motion shooters dont jump as high and their sweep isn't as obvious, but curry and harden still have a sweep to them. pretty much everybody sweeps tho. jeremy lin used to not sweep when he was in new york. he would jump straight up and down.

watch at 8:43. the clip only shows his makes tho. he misses a ton too.
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Last minute of Clips-W's game is lulz after hearing complaints that the Clippers get too many calls.
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Go Portland. Fuck everyone else.
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We'll get em next season. Need bogut and ezeli to get healthy. Great series.
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holy shit these playoffs.
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Originally Posted by idfnl View Post

That was the best game of the playoffs last night. Wow. I thought Houston had that locked, and I really wanted a game 7, this was such a great series.

That last shot wasn't just Harden. I know why Parsons was put on Lillard but I would have put Harden on him from the start since you just knew they were going to screen for Lillard and then either Beverly or Parsons would have had him. What a lapse, but in that moment, the math says there is almost know way that Portland can win it so you shut off.
What math is that? You shut off for the last play, out of a timeout, in a playoff game, knowing a basket will tie or win? Sure.
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Indesertum's Shooting Clinic


Do you think Steph's reached his peak or is he only going to get better from here (I can't even imagine that considering what he is already capable of)? Where do you rank him among the greatest shooters?
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@indesertum That post was awesome. Where'd you learn all that? Any comment on Durant, Nash (2nd best shooter ever), or Redick (back in college they made a big deal about his perfect form)? Or Bron?

I wonder how this stuff applies to shooting off the dribble, or fadeaways, or shooting while turning, etc. I guess you just try to keep your principles and adjust.

IMO Curry's already the best shooter ever. Guy is a magical shooting fairy. Not much he can do to improve his shot...maybe up near the rim, and drawing more FTs is key.
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