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wow what a shot! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I hate/hate this kid. Hope they get swept.
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I'm so happy for blazers finally winning a playoffs series.

Goddamn. Could've been a 6th game 7 tho
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Alas, the gods would not have it. Sucks because Howard was on fire those last few minutes and winning game 7 on their home court down 3-1 would have been great
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Missed like four free throws in a row.

Somebody please please fix his form

Rockets need that stretch four
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His quick release is Shawn Marion esque
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It's fucking stupid. At least Marion makes his free throws. If your form sucks and you cant make shots then you should fix your form

I'm so tired of hearing about sterling. Fuck that dude and all but dear god. All I hear everyday is sterling
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Yererrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddrrckdvjdghdhrshuffgyyy Damian!
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what coach in the world doesn't call for switching w/ .9 seconds left? woodson would have switched religiously and won the game. mchale's gotta go
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You can't blame the coach on that one, I am sure he told his players that, it was the players fault, they fell asleep.

As the analysts have said, switching is second nature and done in practice everyday but in crucial moments, some just zone out or focus on their man.

I mean out of all the Blazers on the court, I am 110% sure Mchale told them Lillard was the most dangerous (he has done it over and over again all season long) and Harden should have switched off there but his defense have been questionable all year so I'd easily put the blame on him.
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I can't stay up for these last WC games anymore. So it looks like I missed a great one?

And are you guys telling me that Houston lost the series because James Harden had a defensive lapse? Noooo!. lol8[1].gif
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Great shot, terrible defense. Houston let the one guy they couldn't let catch the ball make the one shot they couldn't allow.
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My favourite play from last night

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i really hope this is the impetus for harden to start playing defense

in that video they left it out, but they switched parsons and beverly thinking mo would screen for damian lillard and beverly would switch back to lillard when that happened. mo never sets the pick, parsons gets surprised, switch never occurs, lillard just starts running like hell, harden is like oh how nice damian lillard streaking by and parsons three feet behind him, and then lillard makes the shot

mchale is telling his guys "stay with your guy" at the end of the game

which they didn't. they switched assignments

i also don't understand why harden is out there. lin might be a terrible defender but he's better than harden
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