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^ I hope Turner kicked his ass! lol8[1].gif
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waaah, what a bunch of bitches. Fucking cunts.
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This is a great game
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dammit GS was within striking distance smh
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Holy shit steph curry. So fucking good
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Damn. That was such a good game
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That was heart wrenching. Damn!
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I remember posting this back in February
Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

What is it with GS and their penchant for keeping games so close in the final seconds? holy crap

But seriously, that last minute was nuts
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If the Clips win this series, they can thank their bench. The Dubs really need a few more solid roll players that can take the pressure off. That and super glue or another center. They really miss Bogut.
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Seriously tho Jamal Crawford and Darren collision. Holy shit. Bench so good

They really do need Bogut. Blake's just abusing them all game

In replays cp3 looks like he's pushing steph on the last shot with his left hand away from view of the referee
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Some iffy calls to close the game. But that doesn't excuse some poor performances from the Dubs. They cannot let Blake go all Hakeem on them in the post. Boy do we miss Bogut, or even Ezeli.

David Lee is sooooooo slow on defense. His feet stuck in molasses or something. Still too many turnovers. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch the Dubs as much as previous seasons, but everything seems off. Always takes heroic threes to win/keep things close.

Klay is much improved. His D has always been consistent, but he's finally making those dreaded klay-ups. Still, too much ISO when he's matched up against CP3 or Collison. The offense should run through him there, but we need more off ball movement. Perhaps a product of exhaustion? Mjax so bad at managing rotations, and our bench sucks, so the starters have to conserve energy somehow. Just dump it to Klay and stand around and watch!
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

the only coach really who deserves to go is Brooks. Vogel will probably be gone if the Pacers complete their implosion, but he's a good coach. as the team leader he does deserve some blame for the sudden collapse of team chemistry, but if he's fired he needs to get another job on the strength of his game strategy and player development resume alone.

speaking of Pacers chemistry i'm really on the fence about Lance Stephenson. undeniably talented

I've been saying this for 2 years. Brooks gets out-coached constantly. I mean, Spoelstra out-coached him. He's just not effective.

All this said, OKC didn't shoot the ball well. And wow, I don't watch Tony Allen enough but that guy is pretty freaky athletic though he made a couple of dumb moves late in that game.

Roy Hibbert: 2 points and 4 rebounds, or was it 4 points and 2 rebounds. I guess it doesn't matter. That's so blindingly bad for a guy 7' 2". I mean, at this point I'd rather have Elton Brand on my team. Deandre Jordan has been the most effective center in the playoffs so far.

Regarding the other coaches, none deserve the axe save for Brooks, regardless of how far OKC advances. And they will win that series, even though they are down 2-1. Memphis can't score enough. Had OKC shot even a slightly better % they'd have won.
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I think Vogel is gone if the pacers lose, Bird has criticized him before and going into the last month of the season thinking you would be playing for a chip and losing in the first round, someone has to take the fall and you can't fire the players.

McHale would be next in line but losing to Portland is not exactly a bad thing. Its not like losing to Atlanta. I think he is safe through next year. If they lose though, they'll be active looking for defensive wing players and they have Asik and Lin as good trade chips.

Brooks, I don't watch enough OKC games to have an opinion on him but, while I admit to having an irrational dislike for Westbrook's game, I just can't see how you can go all the way with a PG that puts up +20 shots. He had I think 2 assists yesterday? When the other players are running up an down the court 10-12 times and they never even get a touch, it just gets them so out of synch. He's got to kick the ball out on more of his drives, if only to get other people involved and keep the defenses honest and he has to get Durant 10 more shots a game. He is a great player and he does get 6-8 assists a game during the season but I just can't see team winning it all with him playing the way he played yesterday.
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Jackson but I hope it's scott brooks. Actually he can stay but they need a better offense coordinator

Thing is jackson shouldn't get fired. GSW isn't that talented outside of curry



Give him some credit, he took warriors from utter crap to a good team in 1 season. That was a grown man move.

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Mark Jackson is great. GSW would be morons to get rid of him
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