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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Eastern conference is a shit show top to bottom. They should eliminate the eastern conference and this year only have the western conference

no kidding… Heat would be what? 4 seed in the West?
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Yeah with the rockets like a game behind and consider the rockets had to play western conference teams a lot more. Heat might even be a 6th or 7th seed if you considered that
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One of mavs, suns, grizzlies on their way to be a 50 win team that couldn't make the playoffs

Shit grizzlies are 9th right now in the western conference and they would be tied with the raptors (possibly even above with a tiebreaker game win) as the third seed in the eastern conference
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Suns will probably get squeezed out but it will be interesting to see what happens with the four teams separated by a game or two.
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Suns are going up against mavs and grizzlies. Games are going to be really interesting. I hope whoever doesn't make it gets a top 5 draft pick and be contenders next season
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Corey Brewer everyone
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Originally Posted by LawrenceMD View Post


i guess that means Kobe re-injured both the laker's financial achilles with his two year max extension?

Kobe did to Jeanie what Phil can no longer do on account of his bad hips and all..
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Damn what's with the role players going off these past few days

I am kinda excited to see how much talent this draft injects into shitty teams

Philly with a top 3 pick (Jabari, wiggins, embiid) and a top 10 pick running next to mcw, Noel, Thaddeus young is going to be awesome

I don't care if bucks get wiggins. They're still going to suck. They're going to always suck. That place is just toxic

Boston and lakers with a top 5 pick (exum or randle). Lakers roster kinda sucks tho. Nash or Kobe isn't going to do anything and who knows what'll happen with gasol. They have some nice bench players. Is about it.

I wish suns would get a top 5 pick. Franchise superstar for the suns or grizzlies or mavs would be awesome. They deserve it too. Hopefully they'll get a kawhi or George type deal. Somebody with upside that develops into an all star
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

I wish suns would get a top 5 pick. Franchise superstar for the suns or grizzlies or mavs would be awesome. They deserve it too.

Yes, let's level up the Western conference even more
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Yes please

Fuck the eastern conference. None of them deserve anything. Knicks (and nets) are fucked for the next decade and a half because literally they gave away every single draft pick they could. Fuck that shit.
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Ehh, I don't really care about any of the NY teams. Only teams I enjoy rooting for in the East are probably the Bulls and the Wizards. I think they are fine organizations but unfortunately, fine doesn't get you anywhere in this league
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Only eastern conference team I legit like and admire is the raptors. Nets are close and would be there had they not had such a horrific start.

Wizards dropped the ball so many times. Like that bobcats game a day ago where they scored a single point in overtime.

Bulls are such a pain to watch. Croaking by on offense.

Bobcats might be a third but their future is not great. Likely stuck in the middle for the foreseeable future. Nothing in this draft and cap space taken up by a player that although deserves it won't bring them a championship by himself. They're fun to watch tho
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Hi haters!

Assuming you're a Heat fan… "haters" is such a (sorry) lame and lazy default response to disagreement with something especially in sports. Personally I don't hate LeBron.. he's far too much of an immature, megalomaniacal knob who performs for the adulation of the sycophantic Miami crowd to hate. That is unless they're losing then everyone gets up and leaves. It's embarrassing the way he acts when things aren't going his way.. seriously... and it's should be embarrassing for all the (fair weather) Heat fans (which is most of them) as what's going to happen when he leaves the Heat, which he likely will?

Now maybe you live in or are from Miami and have been a Heat fan for the last decade and in that case good for you enjoy the team as a real fan. But I've been to Miami recently and personally I have yet to meet one and either way it has no bearing on what such an insufferable tool LeBronBron is.

It's just business at that point and I feel it affects the game(s) in a way that takes something away. But Bron's minding his business.

btw.. he apparently bitched about this original cover as welll as they new edition has changed and they've tried to bury the image on google
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Help me find a better word for people who seem to just be waiting around for the Heat to fail, just so they can gloat about it, and I'll use that word. Some of them don't even appear to have a team affiliation either.

Been a So FL resident for 15 years and a Heat fan almost all of those years. The Alonzo Mourning (schoolmate and class act) teams won me over, and I've stayed around for the ride ever since. Have a share of a pool of season tickets through my company since 2003, although this year I chose not to participate for the first time since then.
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