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Preview for Things You Don't Get thread:


posted by GreenFrog

Oops. Supposed to go in the "making me happy" thread . . .
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Kobe and Wade are the least deserving all star starters here...although I'd expect Kobe to sit out or play sparingly anyway.

Good to see PG get his recognition, though. ASG fan voters are such idiots that I half expected them to put KG up there or something
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seriously. wade barely plays and kobe barely played.

peepwall[1].gif i traded for wade. I'm really worried that he won't play much
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sorry, coudln't figure out how to embed from instagram.
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ASG starting line-up is a popularity contest and not much else. I mean come on, Lin outvoted Harden. lol8[1].gif

Just glad Curry made it, I mean I feel CP3 deserves that starting spot but if Curry didn't get voted to start, I am afraid dude my get snubbed again so I'm glad he is locked in there. CP3 will be in for sure too so he doesn't really need to start.
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The biggest NBA question of the day is... will Bieber attend the Heat game?

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Is that the Bargs dunk attempt that led to his elbow ligament injury? Haha what a fool.

So many injuries this year though. Like 5 broken hands (Kawhi the most recent), season ending injuries to Rose, Horford, and Ryan Anderson. The NBA should reduce the number of games a bit.
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Reppin Hellas!!
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also just for rfx

he said pretty much what i said that rudy gay's usage rate has gone down and his efficiency has gone up. he even still scores in the same places just with 4 less attempts per game
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At the vid titled gayshot. lol8[1].gif
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D'antoni is a great fit for this lakers team. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed watching a shittier, more up-tempo team as this nick young laker squad.
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Surprised the Lakers kept it close, Heat probably got bored halfway through the game. lol8[1].gif
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article last week with kupchak vouching for d'antoni, surely the kiss of death just like with bynum

we can hope
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