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While Payton does have a point, this guy does also have some great points as well:
And via my ability to not overrate Payton’s era, here’s my take.

I don’t doubt for a second that Gary Payton misses hand checking. That he misses games that routinely finished with an 87-85 score, and that he misses a time when teams were allowed to back down defenders from the three-point arc all the way to the rim, attempting to either earn a whistle, or another endless illegal defense call and subsequent free throw. I don’t doubt that Gary Payton misses the sort of two-man offense that made spectators out of three members of the five man lineup, left to sit on the weak side and wait for some crumb following yet another screen and roll.

That sort of game was Payton’s bread and butter, and while we don’t want to underestimate his Hall of Fame brilliance, those sorts of basketball stylings were one of a few low points in the decades-long up and down run of the National Basketball Association.

Yes, Michael Jordan once ruled the landscape, two different incarnations of the New York Knicks were fun, the Utah Jazz were to be revered, the Rockets ruled and Shaq was relatively svelte at one point. But for a goodly chunk of Payton’s prime between 1993 and 2003, NBA basketball could be a chore to watch. Especially in the years following Jordan’s retirement after the 1997-98 season, and until the NBA decided to pay increased attention paid to hand check laws in 2004-05.

That year brought us the ‘Seven Seconds or Less’ Phoenix Suns, and to a far less famous degree, Nate McMillan’s surprising Seattle SuperSonics squad. Though McMillan’s team rarely ran – it was the fourth-slowest team in the NBA that year – the squad moved the ball expertly in its half court sets, and it obsessed over the corner three-pointer. The lineup, featuring Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis in their primes, helped spearhead the league’s second most efficient offense, and the team won 52 games in spite of rolling out the league’s fourth-worst defense.

That group, along with a 2004-05 San Antonio Spurs squad that obsessed just as much with forcing teams into taking low percentage long range two-point jumpers while avoiding fouls, set the standard for the modern NBA. Not so much in terms of execution and play calling, though we’re not far from that nearly a decade later, but in terms of study, willingness to challenge NBA orthodoxy, and the ability to think on one’s feet collectively.

I grew up in Payton’s era, and it inspired me to write about the NBA for a living. And grinding out the post-MJ, pre-hand check years as a struggling writer was no fun, but I hung in there. And I think I’m one of few my age that is uniquely qualified to tell you that a lot of basketball during that time was bloody awful to watch.

Everyone could hand check. Spacing was poor, and though some teams took heaps of three-point shots, it wasn’t quite the weapon it was today. Coaches called out endless plays, even after offensive rebounds, they’d drag out the shot clock, they’d talk up midrange shots, and then they’d wonder why every other game seemed to be finishing with scores in the 80s. National TV contests featuring Allen Iverson’s 76ers, Latrell Sprewell’s Knicks, Jason Kidd’s Suns or Vince Carter’s Toronto Raptors shooting in the low 40s were terrible to watch. It was an ugly, brutal league.

Which suited GP just fine, because that was his game. And he’s right that, at times, there can be too many fouls in the modern NBA – but those games are few and far between as players learn to adapt and, y’know, not stick two arms into a guard while they’re driving to the hoop.

This adaptation has led to another wonderful element, as NBA coaches have gotten smarter and developed fantastic, fluid defenses with the knowledge that they can’t rely on hand checks to keep the top scorers in line. This is part of the reason why you don’t see nearly as many 45 and 50-point games any more, as teams evolve and the game grows. Offense has improved, but so has defense – and in a way that nearly prevents the sort of “50 and 60”-point games that Payton swears he’s seeing all the time.

It’s a better, more interesting, improved game on both sides of the ball. Anyone in a comment section that tells you that defense is a thing of the past simply doesn’t watch NBA basketball. And anyone that tells you that the game has gotten wimpier simply doesn’t watch NBA basketball – especially live NBA basketball.

There’s more movement, there’s more passing, there’s more running, and there’s less standing around. And because coaches, players and teams have to adapt or be left behind, the game has gotten so, so much more intelligent. Even the Knicks are figuring things out.

via: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/gary-payton-don-t-modern-nba-payton-basically-175801742--nba.html
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^ The game has gotten heaps wimpier. He makes a few decent points but he's wrong about that. Just look at LeBron's bitch face when he gets a foul called on him.... that's all you need to see. He does it every time, kinda because its so rare any ref dare whistle him.

I also think there is PLENTY of standing around. Every team now has at least 2 three point gunners on the floor at all times and they just park their asses in a corner or perhaps set a pick before standing at the top of the arc. Spacing makes sense. It was an obvious difference from today in that Lakers Celtics series from '84, the teams were completely packed in, but the game was played from 15 feet to the rim back then. The 3 point shot was not nearly as common, even 6 or 7 years ago.

The thing that seems to have disappeared from the game is all that great low post play. I kinda miss that. I say this more Hakeem not Charles Oakley, but the modern power forward just doesn't have many moves and they rely on athleticism for points. Its why so many guys drop off so early. Modern players seem less skilled save for a handful.
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Boston collecting picks. After todays trade:
Boston now owns as many as 17 total picks over the next five drafts, including as many as 10 first-round selections (though lottery protections could lower that number).
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Boston collecting picks. After todays trade:

i guess they'll be able to create three great division 1A NCAA teams with all those picks. lol8[1].gif

I have my knick fan friends who start talking like they will get rondo and kevin love in the next two years and I lol8[1].giffacepalm.gifsnork[1].gif at the moment when they start convincing themselves its going to happen.
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Top comment:

"Wow I used to think young was soft. Swaggy P don't fuck around"
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good news knicks fans... your future point guard is playing on friday!

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Nelson got fined $15k for this? Kobes and Cassell has done this before and never got fined.

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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

Top comment:

"Wow I used to think young was soft. Swaggy P don't fuck around"

Honestly, I mean no harm to anyone but sometimes it feels like Blake Griffin needs to do these and deck one of these guys so he loses the pussy label and people stop trying to hit him.

Last night was ridiculous, Griffin got a double tech with Dirk and they kept trying to goad him to get the 2nd tech and remove him from the game, same thing that Bogut did to Griffin in Golden State. Carter kept getting on his face while Griffin just kept walking away, Carter got the tech. Then Dalembert pulled him down and was ready to get charged by Griffin, Dalembert got the flagrant 1 (which cost them the Mavs the game) and he was actually lucky the ref got in between him and Blake because Blake was about to do something. It show maturity with what dude goes through and just turning the other cheek but damn it would be nice to see this dude level someone so people would stop trying to bully him out of games.
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I actually wish Griffin would be the one who gets decked for his KIA commercials alone
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ASG jerseys has sleeves again. Ugh.
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Other players seem to have a lot of personal animosity to Blake. I know that in the early days it was because he would dunk on people and stare them down, but now it does appear like dudes are always actively trolling him
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Originally Posted by LawrenceMD View Post

good news knicks fans... your future point guard is playing on friday!

Tracy Morgan plays in the NBA now confused.gif
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Not to draw this out any longer but seeing the scuffle in GIF form is even more hilarious

Now sure, Young's crusade against Len, the Morrisii and Goran Dragic was silly. You don't need to swing after a Flagrant-2, not in the second quarter of a close game when you've lost four straight and have a longer injury list than active roster. Nick Young did a silly thing, news at 11.

But not a single Laker on the court was interested in helping their silly teammate out when he was swinging at and surrounded by opponents. You don't have to love your teammate, but you at least have to pretend to be interested in his welfare. The Lakers were not.
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Yah Nick Young was outspoken about his teammates not having his back. Now you'll see less passing from him. lol8[1].gif

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sorry, calling bs on that argument. it happened at the end of a breakaway fast break. and the way the lakers have been running the floor, it probably would have taken an extra day for someone to get to the opposite baseline to help out.
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