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The hell happened to Rudy Gay? Dude was a franchise player now he is just another journey man? Why the hell does no one want him? I know he is overpaid but he is talented and athletic and Memphis actually misses him now.
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there's a pretty good article on grantland that goes over this but TL:dr, he's the league's most inefficient player if you combine shooting percentage with the amount of possessions he uses, and is completely redundant to a better player who costs less (Derozan)
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I find Derozan very inconsistent though that is mostly base on Fantasy ball but I'd take Rudy Gay over Derozan 9 out of 10 if I were an NBA team.
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i like Rudy too, but he was never an advanced stat dream, and he is playing like dogshit this year so far
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19/7/2 w/ 1blk & 1stl per game isn't bad at all and I believe he was coming an injury from the off-season too iirc.
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but it's how he gets those 19 points that's so terrible/inefficient. the article says that 30% of the Raptor possessions are used up in a Gay shot or turnover. that's a massive usage rate for just 19 points. and according to the author he completely stagnates the offense. tbh I haven't seen him in raptor games so I'm just going by what is written
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Eh, feels like he is getting flack for terrible team management by the coach. Draw up plays and help him be in a spot he can succeed and along with the team.
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Well we all know Dwane Casey sucks. His sets consists of give ball the Rudy after a terrible high screen and let him Iso. That's pretty much of it. So no wonder
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I don't know if I want to watch the Knicks lose or the Heat not try against Indiana...

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Currys wet!
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Zach Lowe is the only sportswriter whose articles I get excited to read. Consistently writes some great stuff. His interviews are so good. Asks the right questions and knows what he's talking about.

Zach Lowe for espn Game Center. Please get rid of the idiots
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regressing, a sub division of deadspin always has nice reads.

its mostly analytical takes, but also has nice introductory medical articles (like Kobe's platelet rich plasma therapy), to graphics using things like betting lines or team/player performances to visually conceptualize how bad the atlantic division is (hint… it might be the worst ever).

i can't wait until the analytics become really vocal. MLB already has brian kenny, and thankfully has a whole show on the mlb network where he'll mercilessly kill old time-y non stat guys who refuse to get with the times:

the NBA channel should follow suit.
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I mean the celtics are winning the Atlantic division... Without pierce, Garnett, rondo, and a first time nba coach.

Thanks for the link
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That is quite impressive (did I just compliment the celtics? facepalm.gif ). I give much of the credit to aforementioned rookie head coach. He schemes opponents exceedingly well, and his teams are very well prepared. He even rehabilitated jordan Crawford, ffs
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What the fuck is it gonna take for Woodson to get fired.
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