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^ not worth much

I guess its worth a shot. Look at Chi and Butler.
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Now that Dwight is out of the picture...

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Looks like OKC will let it all hang on the young dudes. Inexperience might just be their undoing and I don't even think anyone can replace the loss of Harden and Martin. We'll see if Lamb really is that good, I saw a couple of game in the Summer League and he was ok. Hit a game winner I think.

This is interesting though:

WallaceNBA_ESPN Michael Wallace
No surprise OKC playing well this week in Orlando. Thunder have 5 total 1st-round draft picks on summer league team.
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Pretty cool act but I still hate these two guys.
On Friday, the Celtics took time to thank the two future Hall of Famers. This full-page ad ran in the Boston Globe.

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^ funny they made Pierce bigger


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I miss him already
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the NBA should require the equivalent of an AA/AS for incoming players
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lolcopters...so they miss out on the top guys and end up surrounding Dirk with Monta and maybe Dalembert too? how much alcohol do you guys think Dirk is going to consume tonight?
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I'm hoping Artest makes his way to the Knicks.

Am I the only one in the world that thinks the Lakers will be better this season than they were last season confused.gif

I also think that the Howard in Houston thing has a 50/50 chance of working out well or going to shit. Harden is a ball dominator, he does get more assists than I would expect but he requires the ball in his hands on almost every possession and he decides when to distribute or when to go to the rim/take a 3. If Howard actually had the balls/stupidity to expect the Lakers to amnesty Kobe and have the Lakers be his team, what is he expecting in Houston? I have to believe that he expects to be the number 1 option and the number 1 shot taker. he could very well be the 3rd option in that offense after Harden and Parsons, as the Rockettes are a run and gun team. How is he going to handle that? And if the Rockets change their game to accommodate him, what does that do to Chandler and Harden? I would not be surprised to see Houston in the same situation that the Lakers were in this year. Howard could very well retard the growth of all that young talent Houston has.
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Originally Posted by AldenPyle View Post

He turned down $10 million player option from Wolves. To ride the bench.
I guess he cares more for wife and family then for money.
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If its true that he was looking for 3 years at $8mln per, this deal does sound fishy but who knows, maybe there were no real takers at close to that level and he figured he play for a fellow countryman on a potential title contender.

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This dude already sounds like a douche with that sour grapes. Get the fuck over it.

Nerlens Noel will wear No. 5 to note the number of teams that passed on him in the draft
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

This dude already sounds like a douche with that sour grapes. Get the fuck over it.

That is poor. You can just smell the entitlement.
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5 represents his scoring average
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Is it really that serious
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