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Originally Posted by dopey View Post

I just came across this, one of my favorite basketball ads. Too bad the quality is not so great.This is another, longer version with more players (funny to see who they used) and lyrics.

Rather ironic choice of words considering.
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Originally Posted by idfnl View Post

IMO clips made a big mistake not getting Barnes signed. Guy was solid as shit all season, even though he's older and never built a big reputation. Now he's had an efficient season and will get paid. Perfect guy for Pop's system, IMO.

SA needs to make a deal quick. Manu won't help them anymore.

They did.

Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Sorry Steve


Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

Manu, for 2 years / $14m. Surprised he's still making so much.

Up until last year he was worth it.

Originally Posted by idfnl View Post

He should give it away to the fans. Fucking guy.

Ummm...the Spurs were in the NBA finals. Not a bad season IMO.

Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Manu still has value. when he played well the Spurs were winning their finals games. I guess he's just at the point where the team can't rely on him heavily every game.

he's also a marketing dream for the Spurs, being the premier Latino star of the league still

Very true.

Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Problem is he played one good game during the finals and practically gave two of them away. lol8[1].gif

Also true.

Of course I'm a homer but I think Belinelli is a great fit on many levels. Let's face it- you can't give both Danny Green and Gary Neal minutes.
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Originally Posted by Steve B. View Post

Up until last year he was worth it.
But there's the rub, no? This isn't a contract he signed two years ago and is playing out, it's a brand new contract. He may have plenty left in the tank, who knows? But unless you think he will perform next year at his two-year-ago level, it hardly makes sense to pay him based on what he did two years ago. (That's assuming the determination turns exclusively on performance, of course, and ignores the marketing or other considerations.)
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He's signing for 7 mil per. Stephen Jackson made more than that last year.
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Originally Posted by NorCal View Post

Rather ironic choice of words considering.
What do you mean?

In any event, every one should watch the Kidd version five or six times. All my daughter has been saying for the last two days, in her best KRS-1 is:
"Because the Revolution is about basketball. And basketball is the Truth"

And we have listened to the original a few times, too. Little did I know, she has a book all about the Black Panthers. But she didn't get most of the references in the Scott-Heron version (nor did I).
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the Lakers are better off without Dwight. the only way they should put up with a player who brings as much bullshit, is if he brings them championships (they did that once, with Shaq, and even then they got tired after awhile). and Dwight's not going to bring you championships.

it would be awesome if they convinced him to stay, signed him, and then immediately traded him to GSW for Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes lol8[1].gif
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Lakers have avoided sign and trade talk because its a loser in negotiating terms. It just adds more possible teams to the mix. Now that winds have shifted a bit, I'm sure they are preparing packages of expiring contracts to trade against.

It might have been here, but there was an article posted about how Howard is past his peak and not a defensive force any longer. Statistically this is clear, but just watching him you could see he was getting smoked at times.

I read that Kobe's comments to him in the meeting about learing to be a champ. I bet Kobe wants him to go but has to tow the line.
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Al Jefferson will sign a three-year, $41 million deal with the Bobcats. The deal has only been agreed to in principle as free agents can't officially sign until July 10.

J.R. Smith and the Knicks are finalizing a contract extension that will keep the NBA's reigning Sixth Man of the Year with the club for another four years.

According to a Knicks source, the deal could be completed by Thursday.

Smith is expected to receive the “average player salary exception,” which could amount to $24 million over four seasons.

The Kings will not match the four-year, $44 million offer sheet that Tyreke Evans has agreed to sign with the New Orleans Pelicans. According to sources close to the situation, the new Kings management group instead is hoping to close Thursday on a sign-and-trade agreement involving Pelicans point guard Greivis Vasquez and backup center Robin Lopez.

OK, so the big picture here has a lot of moving parts. Let's go through it.

New Orleans is clearly swinging for the fences right now. They just added Tyreke Evans, and have given no indications they plan to trade Eric Gordon. And they traded for Jrue Holiday at the draft. So they are looking at possibly putting Evans at small forward, and running out Holiday-Gordon-Evans-Ryan Anderson-Anthony Davis and then my head explodes.

Eric Gordon, now that the Pelicans have gotten his AAU buddy, Jrue Holiday, is way happier after months of dischord.

When New Orleans had reportedly extended a huge offer sheet to Evans, there was a lot of confusion. Would they move Gordon? Would the Kings match (as they had indicated they would)?

Then things got weirder, as the Kings offered, and then pulled, an offer sheet to Andre Iguodala for four-years, $52 million. It was thought that they yanked that offer to keep room to match Evans. But now it looks like they're not doing so. Like I said, this is all confusing and weird.

Meanwhile, the Blazers would do really well in this deal, depending on what they give up. They need a center, badly, with starter J.J. Hickson an underwhelming free agent. Lopez fits perfectly next to LaMarcus Aldridge and instantly makes the team better while not surrendering a massive contract.
The Kings get Vasquez, because what they really need is another guard, apparently. (See also: Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore, Jimmer Fredette, John Salmons.)

This deal is still evolving, so we'll have to see how it turns out, but it definitely looks like a major change for the Kings, Pelicans and Blazers going forward if it goes through.
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Wtf pelicans
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OMG and now apparently he (Howard) has made his decision, but will spring it on us at an unannounced time via Twitter. this is as annoying as the Lebron decision.

why is this fucker on my newsfeed anyway
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yeee, bumped in Tyreke Evans yesterday at the Sacramento Airport

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nice mustache
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lol, its all part of the disguise. i was actually in New Orleans when the trade was first announced. total trip to running into him later in the day
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Myers turned Monta, Udoh, Beans, Amundson, Kwame and a few late first round picks into Bogut/Iguodala. Myers for president. Apparently this is what it's like to have a competent front office and an ownership that wants to win. What a difference a couple years makes... quality free agents are willing to take less money to come.

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I wouldn't say Iggy took less money. He's, what, 30 now? 4years/40m is not a bad contract for someone that will be on the decline. Gotta give props to Meyers, he's doing a hell of a job. I'm already beginning to forget the years and years of Cohan's ineptitude.

Now let's get Dwight!
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