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i think that's because the original deal was for doc and garnett, then stern pointed out that the CBA forbids including anyone who is not a player in a trade. so now that they've gotten doc, if they swing another deal for garnett it'll be clearly just another version of the forbidden trade. seems silly to me, too. but stern will not be crossed.
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But an exchange for a coach and draft pick is fine?
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yeah. i'm not saying it makes sense ... but it was combining the coach and the active player that made the difference.
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there's precedent for letting a coach out of his contract in exchange for "compensation" i think, whether it be draft picks or cash. i remember for sure that the Raiders did it with Jon Gruden...in the NBA, i think Miami did it with one of their coaches as well...might have been van Gundy

the big problem is for a player to be traded for non-player considerations - that basically lets teams circumvent the spirit of the CBA. like now, i might agree to a lopsided player trade because i'm also getting your coach in return, but it's a slippery slope - can i also agree to your lopsided trade if you buy me Hawaii or something like that?
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Originally Posted by Gated1979 View Post

They will allow Rivers to come to the Clippers in exchange of a 1st round pick but it isn't allowed and any other moves after this will be vetoed.

Only involving Garnett though, I think. If the Celtics buy out Pierce and he chose to go to the Clips, I am not sure Stern can do anything about it.

Also, I thought Van Gundy was fired by Miami? He didn't to the Magic right away, did he?
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ok, so i had to google it. there were actually two Miami coaches that switched teams in exchange for a draft pick or two - van Gundy AND Riley.

it's unclear why Orlando had to send picks in exchange for SVG, because he resigned but they still had him under contract or some kind of rights...?! weird
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Oh well, whatever. Rivers is a huge improvement over VDN (I think you all know how I feel about him) so I'm happy either way. I really do not want Pierce or Garnett to come to the Clips though, people already think CP3 is a dirty player and Griffin is a douche, with either of those in the team, it'll be a huge contender as one of the most hated teams, maybe 4th after the Heat, Lakers and Boston?
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I just wanted to post this because I thought it was cool.

LeBron's game 7 in one gif.

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That SportsCenter bit on the 03 draft is nuts... picks 1,4 and 5 all on the same team.. .
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Originally Posted by whiteslashasian View Post

I just wanted to post this because I thought it was cool.

LeBron's game 7 in one gif.

I like how Lebron 10 appears to knock Lebron 11 to the floor on the near right baseline
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^ They should do the same thing with all of Garnett's elbows
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And one with Battier's flops
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Doc Rivers announced as Clippers coach, to be introduced Wednesday

Done deal: Doc Rivers is the new head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Clippers announced Tuesday that Rivers is assuming head coaching responsibilities of the team, as well as vice president of basketball operations. In exchange for Rivers the Celtics were compensated with a 2015 first round pick.

The Celtics announced the deal as well, and put it this way: "The Boston Celtics announced today that they have allowed Doc Rivers to pursue a coaching opportunity with the Los Angeles Clippers."

Rivers' deal is reportedly for $21 million over the next three years.

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports there's also a clause in the contract that the Clippers and Celtics can't exchange players next season.

Brian Shaw confirms he's the new head coach of the Denver Nuggets

Pacers assistant Brian Shaw confirmed to the Denver Post on Monday that he has been hired as the new head coach of the Denver Nuggets.

Shaw has led the ranks of assistant coach candidates for head coaching jobs for several seasons. He worked with the Lakers under Phil Jackson until 2011, then served under Frank Vogel in developing the up-and-coming Pacers.

The Nuggets fired George Karl earlier this month, just days after GM Masai Ujiri left to take over basketball ops in Denver.

Shaw told the Post he does not expect to run Tex Winter's triangle offense, made famous by Jackson.
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Good for Shaw. Been a long time coming, by all accounts
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