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Danny Green in this series has got to be the scariest 3 point shooter I've ever watched play. He literally can't miss.


Splitter needs to play like a center. He's the biggest guy on the court and yet he plays scared.


Ginobili was like vintage Ginobili tonight. A lot of circus shots that made me cringe, but I guess that's vintage Manu.

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Poor Lebron

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I dont't watch Spurs during the regular season but does Green normally drop 3s like this?


I just hope Jesus Shuttlesworth is mad that Green broke his record and comes out dropping 3s in Miami.

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Heat played well, I was actually thinking they will win until the middle of the fourth quarter, but they really have nobody on the bench that can play ball. A very important game for Spurs, I think they are slight favorites now. 

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My question is where birdman?
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Originally Posted by Steve B. View Post

Manu Ginobili needs to get on the next plain to Argentina. And stay there.
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This is the best NBA finals since the 80's Lakers Celtics.

As much as I can't stand the Heat, they are useful in making this such a great series to watch. This has been the cleanest finals basketball ever, and some of the best game on game response basketball ever.

SA tonight was magic. Danny Green has been the MVP... can you believe that? And Boris Diaw has been magic. I said it 300 posts back, the most entertaining player in the league that gets no stats. That fat butt has been handling Lebron and making some brilliant passes.

If SA wins, they have topped what Dallas did 2 years ago.
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Yeah, it is surprising that Birdman did not get even 2 minutes. LBJ played 44 minutes, and Wade played 40 minutes in total, from Spurs the most was played by Green at 39 and Duncan at 38 min.

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Also Mike Miller 25 minutes of play and 0 points.

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Originally Posted by idfnl View Post

This is the best NBA finals since the 80's Lakers Celtics..

i don't know with the exemption of the game 1 thriller it seems like this has been more of a back and forth slug fest/blow out per game.

don't worry Miami seems to always come back from a loss though, always trading blows. also I guess heat fans shouldn't worry because at this rate (trading wins and loses) they should be fine and get a nice bounce back win in game 8 tongue.gif
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Not the most intense finals but prolly go a full seven.
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Series is still entertaining but outside of game 1, you really already have a feeling who would win by 4th quarter in each game. It is still fun to watch but it could still be closer. I mean a 20pts+ and 30pts+ blowouts aren't exactly exciting and I flip the channels once it gets to that point with 5-6 minutes left. Not even close to being the best finals in the past 2 decades.

And lol8[1].gif at Green being the MVP.
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Green is on some Down Down Up Up Left Right Left Right Y B X A Shit.

Every time the Heat tried to make a run it was ended by a whistle or half court swish by Green. Demoralizing.

You can see the media salivating, before the Spurs even get to raise that trophy, ESPN will be providing ad nauseum coverage of the impending breakup of the Heatles.

What's next? A blowout in Miami? Come on this is starting to look scripted.
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No doubt Green is wet and setting a new record behind the line is great but we all know Finals MVP is going to be Parker or Duncan if the Spurs win. Those two just does a lot more for the team overall.
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