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Haha, awesome post.

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hell yes.
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Missed both games, but the winning teams nod[1].gif

KD you always going to be 2nd!! frown.gif
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They say that earlier in the season, Jason Kidd was really important for swinging the ball around the arc to find good looks for the Knicks, but now he just shoots too badly to be on the court.
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so I haven't seen the Warriors play too much this season, but I think I get why they've been playing better without David Lee, their 20-10 guy.

the most obvious reason is more shots for their red-hot trio, Curry/Klay/Jack, but also - Lee is probably the worst defender and screener among "star" players that I've ever seen. seems like if the Spurs need a two, their best bet is to screen off the ballhandler's man, locate Lee on the floor, and drive at him.

he is also a horrendous screener. but he is also responsible for screening a lot (presumably because he's a better shooter than Bogut). but he might as well not try. the idea of a screen is for the ballcarrier to get a step or two ahead of his man, and now the defense is off balance, has to rotate, and all these good things happen for you. particularly dangerous if Curry's the ballhandler because he only needs a half step and a sliver of daylight to hit any shot.

but Curry was getting no separation at all from his man on Lee screens. could be because both are injured, but I doubt that's the only reason. seems like Lee's approach is to put only the minimum effort in setting the screen, because he's too eager to slip or pop to an open area of the floor for a jumper

when Bogut or the backups set a screen, they make sure they make solid contact and Curry or Jack comes off the screen with some options and the ball starts moving better
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hellz yeah
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The impending MIA-IND series should be good.  Paul George should be able to do a decent job on LeBron and the Heat have no one to match up with Roy Hibbert inside.  Looking forward to a grit-and-grind 7 game series.

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If Wade is Wade, Miami will have no problem handling Pacers, even 80% Wade will go no more than 6 games.
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I'll be happy if anybody can just make the Finals interesting.
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Hate Westbrook as much as you want but Memphis just showed how important he is to this team. They probably regret letting Harden go now.

Durant choked the last 2 games though, he's not ready.
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

They probably regret letting Harden go now.

You think the regret set in now?


Bulls deserve mad credit for their gumption. They really put in a world class effort.

While Lebron still got some stats, I have never seen anyone handle him better than Jimmy Butler did. Lebron was pretty ineffective and it was mainly because of that amazing defense Butler played. If anyone wants a clinic on how to defend, this is it. I'm incredibly impressed with this kid. He was under Lebron's chin at will. Wow.
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