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Whats the over on the number of FT Knicks shoot on Tuesday? 55?
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I'll take the over if it's 55. The universe demands a Nyk - Heat ECF and Stern knows it peepwall[1].gif
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Amare coming back might actually be good for the Knicks. JR and Melo are too streaky to be trusted to produce simultaneously consistently.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
lol... at the thought of amare being the key to making this a series...

lol.. at the thought of amare's nickname (STAT) and how he was often viewed by knick fans as "subtraction by addition"

lol... at the one voter who voted for Melo being this year's MVP.
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Originally Posted by NorCal View Post

Lol Knicks.

You gotta figure the smart money is on a Grizzz v. Heat final.

Maybe yes...But maybe NO...HELL NO...
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Memphis could've stole that game yesterday.

Dudes messed up the last minute
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Am considering getting cable for playoffs. And then cancelling it. Time Warner does not have contracts here.
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Someone explain to me what happened
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that was crazy... how on earth did GS lose that game?

I couldn't tell from the reply but someone blew their assignment big time leaving Manu camped out on the arc.... do you really want 4 of your 5 guys guarding the in-bounds pass?

(the answer is obviously NO!) happy.gif
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Fuck those fucking fucks and the horse they rode in on. I hope Ginoboli chokes on his own shit.
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Goddamn Jarrett Jack. He left both Danny Green and Manu for those 3s that ended up killing us. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK
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2nd round of the playoffs have been so good. Mia & NYK lose, OKC & Spurs rallying back for their wins.
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wow no talk about the bulls taking it to the champs with their second team? Gutsiest back to back games I've seen in a long time
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Indeed it was. Heat completely collapsed in the endgame
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