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Yes, we need to see dunks like these:

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damn there were some pretty sick dunks there...I really think lebron should do the dunk contest once in his lifetime
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ya those guys are ridic all of them have 40+ verts
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the 5'9" guy reminds me of my boy from DC...he jumped about that high and i refused to play on the other team as him because we always matched up at PG and i would get dunked on at least once every run. he was a fucking cherry picker though and he always got pissed at me because i called him on that BS every time
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You see Dwight just now? lol
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The slam dunk contest should require contested dunks. Sort of a posterizing contest.
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Last play of the half was beautiful, no?

Lebron falling though was weird. LawrenceMD did that look odd?
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Last play of the half was beautiful, no?

Lebron falling though was weird. LawrenceMD did that look odd?

i think the play before he was tripped by howard.

that last play was like a flea flicker in football where they used ray allen as a huge assed decoy and the QB then is just smiling because he throws a easy as pie 30 yard pass to the open receiver (lebron ) for the TD.
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Then Lebron also fell after the last play in defense before half court...was odd. He was holding his risk afterwards. patch[1].gif

Close game at half.
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Who is this earl clark kid?
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He's been pretty good past few games.
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Back to back 3s. Damn.
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the only way for kobe/lakers to win is to create a team focused/deferent to kobe. it can work (2009 2010). Kobe looks like he's too set in his ways to really let Nash and Howard dominate the ball, so its best to just surround kobe with people willing to serve him. the lakers don't really have a choice with kobe's 30million/year contract until next year. kobe's still elite and will be to next year... maybe just wait out his contract then let him walk if he wants to rather than be a slave to his game in his waning years after 2014.

maybe the lakers should just trade dwight howard.

nets: get dwight howard
lakers: get brook lopez and gerald wallace.

the trade actually works in the nba trade machine.

brooklyn gets their franchise guy. lakers get two great players (a legit center and the athletic swing forward they covet) who will totally be willing to defer their games to bryant.

in two years CP3 and Lebron are actually potential unrestricted free agents... in two year even with the brook lopez and gerald wallace contracts they will have the cap space to sign a max contract player (since everyone else comes off the books).....
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Heat's effort in the Laker game was night and day compared to the other games in this road trip (I didn't see the dubs game but maybe that was the turning point judging from the result). so they can get up for the Lakers but not for the Blazers or Utah? if they play like this it would be hard for any team to beat them in 7 games
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is Ish Smith going to be in the dunk contest? He's got ups, Ish is the ish. And I agree, the dunk contest should b contested dunks over bigs. When you think about the most memorable dunks, its always someone skying on a big and dunking. also Teague should be in the contest.
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