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man, the Atlanta fans/arena are horrible. i was watching the end game of a really competitive game between the Hawks and Miami (in Atlanta), and the whole last two minutes a "Let's go Heat" chant broke out. and then Josh Smith steps up to the FT line to try and tie the game and the fans were booing him lol8[1].gif

is the arena empty when the other team's fans don't show up?
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It's gotta be Jackson. The world is made for drama.
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Whoa. Demarcus Cousins broke Danny Green last night.

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4! 4!! 4!!
Knicks, baby, Knicks!!!!!!!
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fuck yes lake show
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Lakers sign Mike Di'Antoni for four years. Apparently still cheaper than Phil for 2. foo.gifffffuuuu.gif
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Nash may yet get a ring after all
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I guess Phil wanted a little too much power. Can't imagine it was the money. Not sure how 7 seconds or less will work with this (old) roster but I guess we'll see. I hope he finds some good assistants to coach up the D.
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Knicks, baby, Knicks.
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the lakers should trade metta for shawn marion, and pau for amare stoudemire to create the 2004-2005 sun's team (with kobe being the rich man's joe johnson) that di antoni always wanted but sun's owners never paid for.
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wow, that's got to be a BIG fuck you to Kobe.
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