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i guess lebron and wade didn't really feel like playing the 1st half (and/or the celtics are brilliantly smothering both). everybody else is on fire but that's only 1/3 of the heats

heats are the perfect example of how not to run offense: give ball to wade or james and make everybody just stand at look at him.

well sometimes
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^nice edit, late in 3rd now
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rolleyes.gif Where IS that "sour grapes" smilie?

Who are you again?

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they stopped doubling wade and now wade is getting shots in

-_- wtf celtics
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they stopped doubling wade and now wade is getting shots in
-_- wtf celtics

but Rondo is still money... getting interesting now! nod[1].gif
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wtf announcer just said that was lebron's first post up of the game

-_- wtf are you guys doing....

this game is so up and down

rondo's stat box is wow... dude might get a triple double today. rondo with a legit jumpshot is terrifying. dude still isnt aggressive enough tho. he passes up quite a few wide open easy jump shots
also wtf allen. why you suck so much now


-_- this game is awesome
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That last Boston play was beautifully drawn up. The Celtics need to rebound better though. Miami has had numerous 2nd chance opportunities, and if the Heat can keep that up, they should win the series.

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what the fuck are you doing doc rivers. fucking foul a heats player with a 5 point differential and a minute on the clock yes?
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Rondo was incredible.

Heat should have lost this game tbh. so many crucial free throws missed.
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words cannot express the rage
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It's like watching gangsters kill themselves and enjoying the view.
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Seems like if Rajon Rondo plays as well as 1992 MJ then Celtics can hang in, but I think he will not.
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For Boston to play this well and still lose says there is little hope. They HAD to get a split in Miami to have a chance.

Now to win 4 of 5? Naw.
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nah dude. they almost won this game in miami where the heats have traditionally been extremely strong (like 27-5 and a few of those losses were when they rested their starters). i think celtics for sure can take the 2 in boston, but they'll probably lose in 6.
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Statistics are strongly against Boston and the Thunder coming back (roughly a 1/20 chance). I could see the Spurs winning the Finals in 6. I don't see them sweeping the Heat.
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Yeah I think there's only been 13 teams that ever came back from 2-0 in the playoffs one of which were the heats against mavs in 06.

I just realized idfnl said the same thing I did. My bad. Misread.
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