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Was it 9? I forgot but either way, they are down by 18 now. They just look lost out there with Wade and LBJ forcing their shots or forcing the passes. LBJ with that sad post up move on Pierce, he powered him to the rim and all he had to do was drop the ball in the basket and still misses. They should just let Bosh work in the paint against Garnett, he has a distinct speed advantage on him right now.

And the Heat is making Shaq look good.
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Boston looks bad.... so therefore, I don't even know how describe how awful the Miami Heat are. James and Wade (especially Wade) look like those cocky ballhogs in pickup games that think they're James or Wade.
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Damn, heat looking like poopoo haha. Only 8-9 paid which sucks, but hopefully they will come around. Also
Don't worry, I have the names who paid and who didn't so if they didn't pay they ain't gettin no money for uggs. How did u guys wanna do the payouts? Season winner? playoffs payout to 1st to 3rd? Winner take all? I'm fine with whatever u guys wanna do.
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I think the top 3 is good and breakdown will be based on how many people pay/participate of course.

If you guys want to do season winner as separate bet, that's cool too. We just have to see who is down for that too.
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i don't expect to win anything, so whatever is fine by me.
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Heat and Lebron's post moves Those two blocking calls on Pierce just reminded me why I stopped watching the NBA.
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WTF? Lebron just plows through everyone and gets a blocking call? Dude literally just bumped and tackled 3 players and he is the one shooting free throws.
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thank god kobe is on later
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Eventually, that game became pretty close, only after Lebron went crazy by himself (along with some favorable calls). Either way, once Wade and Bosh are all in the court at once, their offense just didn't seem the same.
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So all that bullshit in the offseason and the Heat can't even win a game with Lebron, Wade and Bosh.

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spolestra will be fired in a week so riley can take over
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
spolestra will be fired in a week so riley can take over

You know it'll be framed as "Spolestra has decided to spend more time with his family" call by Riley.

All jokes aside, its only game 1 of a long season.

Come on Lakers!
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Go C's!
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just found out my new girl is a die-hard mavs fan
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All right, Lakers - Rockets coming up.

Who do you think will miss more time this year due to injuries?

Kobe or Yao?
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