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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Damn, you guys happy now? Durant can blow up and score 50 a game now.

Lame. Only team that had a shot against Miami. Playoffs are pretty shitty now.
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Knicks baby Knicks
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Someone on the east should take out lebrons legs to even things out. Or else Miami just going to have an easy time getting that 2nd consecutive ring
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I feel like I am in bizarro world when everyone is talking about how easy the Heat will have it. The same Heat team that has a weak bench, weak frontline (or is Bosh a monster now?) has had trouble with two teams that they will most likely have to beat in the Pacers and Knicks (two teams with better frontlines) during the season. Also have trouble seeing how OKC gets everyone so hot and heavy. OKC will never win a chip with Wetbrook as the number one shot taker on the team. This current team also won't win one with him not on the floor.
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Heat just got much better than last year. Addition of Birdman and Haslem being healthy helps plenty. They aren't going to give you big stats and numbers but they do the little things. Enough to offset their handicap int he big man position. They got Ray Allen to spread the floor further, opening more space for Lebron & Wade to move, Lewis has been ok off the bench too (when he plays, hasn't seen much PT in the playoffs though). The Heat is just one of those teams that doesn't always blow out teams, they actually got lots of games where it was too close for comfort but they just get it done. With a ring from last year, you can tell there are more confidence there too. And I am not even a Heat fan by any stretch. They also got an easier road to the Finals in the East. Indiana & NYK & Chicago may pose a problem but in a 7 game series, hard to imagine the Heat not coming up on top.

Miami vs. NYK Eastern Conference Finals would be great.

As for OKC, not really sure why they get so much hate. Look back 3-4 years and they constantly move up every year. They are stupid young and not even close to their peaks. Ibakas development alone is astonishing, dude could hit mid-range to corner 3s and then block your shot on the other end. Athletic and long too. Not much needs to be said about Durant. Reggie is a pretty damn good pick-up too, you see him play and he has flashes of Eric Bledsoe but with more consistency, that is why they were confident in letting Maynor go. RW will always be a score first PG but he is talented and I still think they could have pulled it off this year if he didn't go down.
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I really like OKC but Westbrook can be really frustrating to watch at times. And it's the little things too like his needless quick charges to the basket, that half-court shot earlier in the reg season...wtf. But I can't deny that they aren't a better team w/o him.
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Originally Posted by AceBoogie View Post

Someone on the east should take out lebrons legs to even things out. Or else Miami just going to have an easy time getting that 2nd consecutive ring

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Did Westbrook sustain that knee tear in the play where Beverley went after him after he had called a timeout? If so, that's some bullshit.
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NBA needs shorter seasons.
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Originally Posted by AldenPyle View Post

NBA needs shorter seasons.

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the problem is their really is no competition for the heat despite all the talent everywhere so it'll just make it easy for them to cruise to another ring

okc reminds me of the fab 5, so good but lacking that component to actually win a championship
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Old Man Miller couldn't handle the ball lol8[1].gif

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DUUUUUUUUUUUUBS. That Iggy half court heave was almost good. I would have cried. J Jack really needs to stop having so many dumbass turnovers. He ruined every single fast break.
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Dubs are awesome. Best series going right now by far. They've been really fun to watch and their whole team plays so well together.
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Stick a fork in us, we're done. D'Antoni needs to be canned. This is an absolutely pathetic performance.
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