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The last dunk was certainly the money shot. (ummmmm…) I'm not a Clips fan, but my goodness they were clicking last night and yeah that dunk was pretty badass. To reprise a post from another thread it was on my mind however, listening to part of the game last night on 980AM here in LA…. what's the deal with the Clippers announcer? I'm all for enthusiasm, but the guy loses his shit every other play! I've gotten more insightful commentary from the drunk slob sitting next to me at BW3. (for illustrative purposes only.. I don't actually go to BW3)
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First time I actually listened to Clippers radio last night (fios was out the whole weekend, FU Verizon!) and I believe "the Beast" station is the new Clipper radio host so you don't get the usual radio broadcasters for the Clippers. I wanted to change to 710 ESPN but they weren't broadcasting the game.

I just found it comical on those two posterizations, I thought someone got shot by the radio hosts reaction. You wouldn't even know what happened, dude would go nuts and then tell you what happened a few seconds later.
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^ right? Guy was freaking bonkers. I mean that's cool and all, but seems like he crossed the "being a professional / being a fan" line juuuuuust a bit! happy.gif
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I didn't bother finishing the game but is what all the podcasters today saying true? Was CP3 gassed at the end last night?
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Why is skinny-ass John Henson trying to start shit?  He'd get fucked up in a hurry.



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Cuz it's aaron brooks.

Love rose's new form but he's not scoring well
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you can do anything you want in today's NBA. nothing will ever happen to you...well, you might get shoved a bit and someone might spit a little bit in your face as he engages in a friendly discussion.
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