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boogie and lillard is glaring noteable omission. durant has barely played this season

who the fuck voted kobe and wade? do they watch basketball?
take out kobe and you get one spot; who would you take out for the other? duncan?

wade isn't a starter so the coaches voted him in. he's actually been good this year when he's played (35/55 games). don't think the heat should have 2 all-stars but it's not an outright travesty. plus he's gonna give up his spot.
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boogie for durant (not saying boogie is better overall, but durant hasnt played much this season. no reason for a nod) and lillard for kobe

wade might not have sucked but korver deserves the spot over wade

i feel like pau might put up occasionally gaudy numbers, but he's so damn slow on the defense and he can't post up like he used to. he mostly does those mid range jumpers that he's pretty good at but not as good as getting to the rim
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Pau still has hops (bunnies and the occasional open, driving lay-up) but yeah, dude looks like he goes super slow motion
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I think I'd endorse indesertum for GM before that Haralabos douche. Go make your millions gambling but stfu please
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Only downside is shooting form classes starting at 4 AM
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kind of not basketball related, but i thought it was funny

the hawks twitter account person has been adding a W to their twitter name for every consecutive name. they have so many wins they had to move the H to the picture

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lakers collapse now tied 98-98

poor lin; such a better ball handler and he has to watch on sideline
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get this sacre dude out of here. fuck why isnt davis playing?!
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i don't understand jordan hill's short dreads and headband he fucking looks like black richie tenenbaum
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Great game. Credit to the Lakers, man.

Obligatory request for Thibs to install some minutes restrictions already..... baldy[1].gif
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lake squad
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