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Well my hypothesis is that people who suck at FTs suck at jump shots and that improving ones jumpshot improves ones free throw (although I'm not saying it's the best way to improve ones free throw)

I mean sure you can do a jumpshot as a free throw but can you do it so that you never get a lane violation?
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well yea you're right FT is a good indicator of shooting ability, butif you shoot 60% FT you could at least try :P

would be easy because i never land more than say 30cm closer to the rim on midrange jumpshot, so extra 40-50cm would be more than enough and my jumpshot from there is as good as from FT - I guess for a PRO it would be super/very easy to learn and get respectable result
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anyway i just youtubed it; it has been done already lol

looks weird, but seems you're right with it being close to lane violation,
but i guess that also depends how you land
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Didn't realize that actually happens

At the nba level most shooters get a lot of elevation which means your feet sweep forward quite a bit. Like watching three point shooters they'll often shoot a foot or two behind the line and end up a foot in front. If I was a coach i'd bench a player doing that and potentially risking a lack of a point.

In my mind it's needlessly risky.
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well overall the main reason could be that its still easier to shoot a set shot for most men
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