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ya shaq burnt out rather quickly but that's sort of expected for a big man

kobe has been stellar for what seems like an eternity and on a continuous incline from the beginning
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Originally Posted by foodguy View Post

hate to be a hater, but that's not quite what the stats say. after leaving the lakers he only had two seasons over 20ppg (and once just barely). and 2 seasons over 10rpg (and both just barely). there's no question that at his peak, he was a force (particularly when the refs let him have his way). but he wasn't at his peak for very long and rarely for a full season.
compare that to kobe, who after turning 19, had only one season scoring less than 25 ppg -- and that was last year when he was hurt after 6 games.

not that I disagree but lets give Shaq his due, he did have 14 seasons of 20/10 and yes he was a physical beast but he wasn't going up against Shawn Bradley every night and back then teams were allowed to really play defense, unlike now. Also as a center, his touches are limited to having his number called or getting put backs, Shaq only has two years where he averaged more than 20 attempts per game and Kobe only has 1 year in the last 14 seasons where he averaged less than 20 attempts (not counting last year). If Shaq had shot his free throws in the 70% range, he would have had a bunch of 30 ppg seasons, and that's playing with shot chuckers like Penny and Kobe.

Its hard if not impossible to compare a guard to a big man. Kobe is obviously a lot more dynamic and as you mentioned can take over games singlehandedly but he also ha the ball in his hands all the time and a guy like Shaq needs to have the ball given to him. Yes, being 7ft and 300 lbs is not a talent, its hitting the genetic lottery but there still is skill and work involved in getting a body that big to do the things that he did. Kobe is a more talented player, harder working, more drive, the kind of player you build dynasty's around. But Shaq wasn't just a big loaf.
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