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i agree completely. Westbrook is said to be missing 6 weeks at the outside, and i'm hopeful Kobe takes a similar timeline or less. i would be thrilled to go something like 3-3 during those weeks, and then field a beastly lineup going forward. this is my first time trying this strategy so we'll see how it goes. i'm normally injury risk averse and i started out that way (i even passed on taking Wade twice!) but then i kind of lost my mind
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i would have done the same probably. this years draft is really deep and a lot of the 2nd and 4th rounders swapped position this year. Guys like p. george, k.leonard, rubio, batum are all solid 2nd round picks while guys like perennial 1/2nd rounders are now available 3rd round and lower - J. SMith, Millsap, P. Gasol - even when I think they will have top top3 round value at the lowest. Makes for a fun auction draft
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about melo imo it's all blown out of the proportion by media

he's just jealous of spotlight Dwight/Lebron had and he wants a primadonna moment of his own

maybe for the sake of the season he shouldn't talk about it now, but all he did was being honest

so don't overreact

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No one is overreacting, this isn't new for Melo.

Any sane person would not rock the boat if you have confidence in your team, you want to go to the season with the trust of your teammates so he really should have just shut his mouth and see how the season plays out.
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New York Twitter is going nuts because Chris Smith didn't get cut.

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whoz dat?
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JR Smith's little brother who is terrible or at the very least not better than James White. When asked if Chris Smith's chance of making the team are helped by being JR's brother, Woodson replied, "sure it does." He won't make the final 15 man roster though.

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the knicks might be one of shittiest franchises ever. management is def the worst. and thats coming from a Sacramento Kings fan after 8 shitty years under the maloofs

Have they ever made a single trade that didnt absolutely destroy their future? Just off the top of my head:
  • Francis
  • Marbury
  • Curry
  • Anthony

edit-It seems like they are constantly sacrificing short term success over long term growth
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I think they will be decent this year but who knows about next year. I imagine Melo is gone. Getting Kemba or Rudy Gay would be good.


Or LBJ :devil:

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Don't forget Amare
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Don't forget Amare


Is it possible to not forget him? O/U 35.5 GP this year, I'd take the under.

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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Don't forget Amare

its as if they are cursed
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Amare was pretty good last year when he was playing

Is our draft tomorrow? Oh shit

Thank god it's Sunday
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I couldn't care less about the shitstorm that is the NYK. Only thing I'm focused on right now is making sure Lebozo doesn't get a three-peat. If there is any justice in the world, they will go down in the second round care of Chicago or IND.
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