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I don't care who you were rooting for, that was a great game. A comeback in the 4th, last second heroics, OT, anybody's game until the last second. Game 1 and 6 were great and the weird 10+ point wins in the middle just add to it.

NBA executives are masturbating furiously about a Game 7 after this game. I'm going to be watching for damn sure.
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Originally Posted by NorCal View Post

Fuck that. Spurs better get their shit together for game 7.

This x Infinity.

Fuckin Spurs.
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Apparently Lebron ended up with a triple-double. And it was a good enough game that the announcers didn't mention it once so far as I heard.
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Damn free throws
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Its crazy that the Heat win 27 in a row and can't win 2 in a row in the conference or league finals.
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not really
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Heat win and MoS was awesome!!!

Heat going to win game 7 for sure now.
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Miami Heat fans leave NBA Finals Game 6 early, not allowed back in for Heat comeback win
One worker expressed actual worry and there was a little bit of fear because of the aggressiveness some were showing.

"They were saying, 'I just left! I just left! Please!'" an arena worker said. "They'd run up there, then they'd run back here trying different doors to see if they could get in."

Asked if there was any consideration to open the door, an arena official said that was firmly against policy — the doors are marked in big red letters "NO RE-ENTRY ALLOWED" — and said if the doors were opened, that could only make things worse. [...]

"I was kind of devastated to see so many people leaving," one Heat fan said. "I said, 'they will feel really, really bad when the Heat get back in this game and win.' And they did."
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Spurs shook


Manu for FMVP when we win

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How many chances would the Spurs blow?

Pop really fucked up not putting Duncan in. How did he not learn his lesson after the first one? And whats wrong with a 7 footer's length on the perimeter to contest?

I worry this game took everything out of SA and they'll come out flat thrus.

Manu travelled to Argentina. Bosh fouled the shit out of Danny Green. If Miami win, Manu is their MVP.
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Heat are going to win Game 7. Bill Simmons's latest column noted that of all the times the home team has been down 3-2 (since the Finals went to a 2-3-2 format), the home team has never lost Game 7 after winning Game 6. Kawai Leonard's missed free throw at the end of regulation is going to haunt him for awhile if the Spurs lose.
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lol stupid heat fans, miami is not a real sports town (except for the dolphins)
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Anyone still disagree this has been the best finals since the 80's LAL v Celtics?

Note I said SINCE. I still preferred those battles.
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